Post Colonisation Policies and Practices have Impacted Indigenous Communities and Families

Paper instructions:

Post colonisation policies and practices have impacted Indigenous communities and families”.
Discuss and analyse how these policies and practices impact/contribute to contemporary issues within Indigenous communities today.?

Within this essay please ensure discussion includes:

  • Human rights
  • Stolen generation
  • Protection and segregation
  • Further information

Your essay must use at least 8 references which should be acknowledged correctly within your paper and in your reference list.?

  • At least 5 of your sources must be from the required reading from the subject modules.?
  • Other sources must be reliable academic sources – for example, do not use Creative Spirits, Wikipedia or Skwirk/Red Apple.?
  • You must use correct terminology.?

This assessment item links to the following learning outcomes:

  • Be able to critically analyse post colonisation policies and practices and their impact on Indigenous communities and families;
  • Be able to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a range of contemporary issues which impact upon Indigenous peoples and communities;
  • Be able to demonstrate skills in research and effective communication;
  • Be able to apply knowlege of Australias obligations under the United Nations human rights framework for the protection of Indigenous Australian Human Rights.


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