PPA 604 Urban Planning Redevelopment – week 4 discussion questions and Assignment

week 1 DQ [ DUE WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6] and discuss several motivations available for local government entities to promote economic development programs. What techniques are available to urban planners that wish to encourage economic development within their community? What is sustainable development as it relates to urban planning?

week 2 DQ [DUE WEDNESDAY AUGUST 6] What are the three main reasons why urbanization was limited between 1949 and 1980 in China? What specific tasks did the Chinese government perform regarding urban planning during this period? Has the urbanization movement in China been balanced regionally? Why or why not? What are some challenges that the Chinese government face regarding sustainable development? What options are available to the Chinese government as it relates to urban planning techniques?

Week 4 Assignment [DUE EITH SATURDAY OR SUNDAY AUGUST 9 OR 10] Prepare an assessment of local economic development programs within your community. To address the key issues related to economic planning, you will need to: a. Describe the types of economic development programs that are being conducted in your community. b. Analyze the actors involved in the economic development programs. c. Explain the short-term and long-term goals of the economic development programs. d. Assess the types of issues (i.e., political, economic) faced by the economic development programs.

Your paper must be 5 pages in length (not including title and reference pages). Must be formatted according to APA style. You must cite at least two scholarly or professional sources in addition to the textbook.

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