Project Management – Project Proposal

Your task for Week 4 is to prepare a project proposal on how to adjust the project schedule. The proposal should include only descriptions of the ways in which you propose to modify the project schedule. Your final project (due in Week 8) will include the following:

  • A formal change request
  • An evaluation of the impact of the change (as submitted to the Change Control Board)—time and labour only. Note: It will be necessary to create the original project schedule and budget to analyse the impact of the change request. Consider that the additional wing will be built concurrently.
  • A list of all the assumptions made
  • An analysis of risk factors due to the change request
  • A new project schedule that shows:
    • The additional time required
    • The additional labour cost
    • The new completion date
  • A statement of work for one contractor
  • A contract closure process description for one contractor
  • A project closure process description

The project details are as follows:

The Smiths decide to build a house on a piece of land that they have purchased. They have consulted with an architect and have the blueprints created. You are a general contractor and have agreed to build the house for them. The Smiths inform you that they had been considering the addition of an extra wing in the house but have now decided against it as the additional space is unnecessary. The original blueprints that the Smiths gave you did not have the additional wing.

You have projected that it will take you 12 weeks to complete the house. However, you need a buffer to accommodate the uncertain weather conditions, and you tell the Smiths that you will need 14 weeks. The Smiths are really anxious to move into their new house. Although they agree for 14 weeks, they also want to put in a penalty for late completion. You agree, provided they also put in a bonus for early completion. You reach an agreement with the Smiths, and the contract is signed. You have figured the project duration and effort as follows:

TaskDuration (days)Effort (staff days)Comments
Get a building permit.51
Clear the site.520
Dig the foundation and footings.39
Install forms.39
Pour concrete.15
Wait for the concrete to harden.50This is referred to as lag time.
Remove forms.13
Build the floor.15
Frame the first floor.210
Build the second floor.210
Frame the second floor.315
Sheath the house.312
Install windows and doors.48
Install siding.26
Put up roof framing.28Can start as soon as the second floor is framed
Shingle the roof.14
Install plumbing.48Can start as soon as the roof is shingled
Inspect the plumbing.10
Install wiring.612Can start as soon as the roof is shingled
Inspect the wiring.10
Hang and finish sheetrock.412Can start only after the plumbing and electrical work are inspected
Paint the interior.39
Lay the carpet.26
Install the hardwood flooring.36
Install trim.36
Procure the certificate of occupancy.50

Just as your crew starts framing the second floor, the Smiths tell you that they would now like the additional wing in the house they mentioned previously. The Smiths present you with a new set of blueprints, containing the new wing and ask for a projected difference in price and time for the addition.You figure that to add the extra wing the following would be required in terms of duration and effort:

TaskDuration (days)Effort (staff days)Comments
Dig the foundation and footings.26
Install forms.26
Pour concrete.13
Wait for the concrete to harden.50This is referred to as lag time
Remove forms.12
Build the floor.14
Frame the first floor.14
Build the second floor.14
Frame the second floor.28
Sheath the house.26
Install windows and doors.24
Install siding.13
Put up roof framing.26
Shingle the roof.13
Install plumbing.24
Inspect the plumbing.
Install wiring.24
Inspect the wiring.
Hang and finish sheetrock.26
Paint the interior.13
Lay the carpet.24
Install the hardwood flooring.
Install trim.13

This new estimate to add the wing, assumes the sheathing will go on the base house and then work will stop until the extra wing is sheathed. You believe this will be the most economical way to add the additional wing to the property. Another option would be for the project to continue as originally planned, and then add the wing after the Smiths have moved in. After considering both options, the Smiths choose to follow your recommendation to add the new wing now so that they move in when the whole house is complete. The additional work required is as follows:

TaskDuration (days)Effort (staff days)Comments
Procure the building permit.51
Dig the foundation and footings.26
Install forms.26
Pour concrete.13
Wait for the concrete to harden.50
Remove forms.12
Build the floor.1.56
Frame the first floor.1.56
Build the second floor.1.56
Frame the second floor.28
Add the sheath.26
Install windows and doors.24
Install the siding.13
Put up roof framing.2.57
Shingle the roof.13
Install plumbing.24
Inspect the plumbing.10
Install wiring.24
Inspect the wiring.10
Hang and finish sheetrock.26
Paint the interior.13
Lay the carpet.24
Install trim.13

The rates for the various trades (in $/hour) are as follows:

GCGeneral contractor40.00
HEHeavy-equipment operator50.00Includes equipment
CConcrete worker30.00
FSiding installer20.00
WWindow/door installer30.00
FLFlooring installer20.00
TTrim carpenter35.00

In this project, you will analyse the situation and the effect of the change request on the schedule, cost, and features. The final project, due in Week 8, will be based on your answers for this week and for Week 6.

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