PS440 Abnormal Psychology All Units Challenge Questions With Sample Answers

PS440 Unit 3 Challenge Questions

Please answer the following:

  • Do you agree with Freud that our unconscious mind influences our behavior?
    • We are said to have an unconscious mind that, despite our best conscious intentions, is the real controlling force in our lives. It leads us to sabotage ourselves, make poor decisions, or be drawn to people who aren’t good for us. More optimistically, it uses dreams to send us helpful messages or needed warnings. And it does all of this without our ever knowing.
  • How much of what you think on a daily basis is done on the unconscious level?
  • Can you name ten things you did today that used the unconscious mind?
  • Can we “tap” into the unconscious?


PS440 Unit 4 Challenge Questions

  • If you were a patient, how would you feel or what would you do if your doctor tried to diagnosis you with a clinical disorder in 7 minutes or less? APA Format, In-Text Citation, Reference(s) & 450 Words



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