Quadrennial Homeland Security Review Policy Statement


Securing the borders is an important task that the county needs to consider though it has not greatly dealt with the security problem facing the country. Texas borders Mexico a country that borders the United States. Mexico is associated with a lot of crimes that usually affects the people in Texas (Guerette & Clarke, 2005). The gangs from Mexico form groups in Texas that provide a hard time to the Texan government and its constituents.  Therefore being on the border requires various measures to be executed to ensure security is maximized and that no more gangs gain entry into the country and further into the country. Various measures can help in handling border security and ensure that any leaks in the borders are dealt with to prevent any mishaps affect that may eventually affect the state.

Cross Country Involvement

The two countries and the Texan county should be greatly involved in various meetings that will help deal with various criminal gangs. Homeland Security should ensure that it call on the Mexican government and law enforcement agencies in Mexico to help them deal with the increasing crime rate in Texas (Longmire, M & Longmire, S., 2008). The cooperation will help the government identify the various tactics that the criminals use and help homeland security to be more effective in finding criminal gangs in Texas. Such criminal groupings eventual move to other states posing problems eventually to the whole country and, therefore, dealing with the root of the problem.

Increasing of Security Checks and Border Patrols

Increasing the workforce at the border is important for the safeguarding of the border. The main issue in increasing security is to ensure that no one accesses Texas illegally especially focusing on criminals from Mexico who are operating in Texas to a small extent. Since Texas County borders, Mexico security should be beefed when compared to other states. The increasing criminal activity associated with the gangs affects the security of Texas, and the killings paint a negative picture on the security agencies. Texas as a county has not much concern for the border about the large numbers of gangs in the county who are a security risk to the constituents of Texas. The ports into Texas are the entry points that form the border points bordering Mexico. Entry points are through land and air.


The legislation is needed in place to support the inclusion of more police officers on the border. This will help in ensuring that the border is secure especially by creating legislation that increases police on the border and helps to ensure that a lot of tools are used especially those that are related to technology including cameras and computers. Technology has proved to capture various things that people would not note and, therefore, using them at the border would increase efficiency in securing it. The legislation would, in dealing with transnational activity involving crime, help greatly in combating crime especially international crime since Mexico is known for the many drug and crime cartels that operate internationally.


Security is a central concern to the county, and, therefore, it should be considered and taken with a great necessity to ensure that no criminals or illegal entries are made into the county. The national government should improve border security in counties that border other counties like Mexico. Texas should, therefore, be considered in being given additional assistance to increase security, and since Mexico has various criminal cartels, the government should focus on providing financial assistance to ensure that the various tools are obtained. Therefore, it is important that the county consider the border issues, and the various ports into the county have loopholes. The loopholes like illegal entry especially involving criminals should be sealed to prevent crime in Texas and in general to America.

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