Reflection Paper : Populations at Risk Power & Powerlessness

Think of a situation or circumstance in which you felt a strong power imbalance between yourself and another person. This person may have had authority over some aspects of your life, which gave him or her some control over your happiness and life satisfaction, as well as over the achievement of your personal goals and desires. The person may use the authority and power to assist you or provide you with something, or they may have used it to prevent you from achieving something you wanted.

How do you think this type of experience would impact on a member of a subordinate group if it were the result of prejudice and/or discrimination? What would be your view as to how he or she could cope with this experience?

Section I  – My Experience (1-2 pages)
Section II – My Reactions (1-2 pages)
Section III – Impact on a Member of a Subordinate Group and Your View (1-2 pages)

Label each Section of your paper accordingly and then answer.
– Adapted from Juliet C. Rothman, The self-awareness workbook for social workers, pp. 32-33

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