role of Futurist ideology

Unit 1 content and readings explore the historical and contemporary role of Futurist ideology. Choose one image from any designers mentioned in the unit content and discuss authorship, universality, and social responsibility in relation to the work and the designer’s ideals.

Are examples of Futurist thinking still evident today? How are they the same or different from the ideals of the original Futurists? Post visual examples and explain how these resources support your perspective.
Choose at least three of this Unit’s readings listed in “To Do” List and discuss each separately considering the following (At least 200 words for each reading selected):
Author’s Biography: What are the author’s influences, background, and education?
Micro Review: Reflect on each reading in a micro manner by choosing a specific line, paragraph, section, or topic within the readings that you would like to assess. Summarize what you think the author is saying, why this is important to you, how you think this is significant, and why you agree or disagree with the idea.
Macro Review: Examine how the topic assessed in the micro review fits within the author’s macro (overall)message . How does this macro perspective within the more global function of graphic design. Assess how the knowledge gained from the reading have influenced your design process at a technical or conceptual level. Focus your thoughts on the central themes of this class, authorship, universalism, and social responsibility.
After your initial post, review the posts made by your peers. Respond to at least two of them, with consideration for how you believe your ideas align or differ from their thoughts. Included MLA references and/or direct evidence from the unit’s content, readings, or assignments to support your statements.