San Francisco Health Policy Sample Research Paper

San Francisco has an obligation to provide its citizens with health access.

The obligation to provision of health care access to the citizens of San Francisco by the city is inevitable responsibility that its significance surpasses the cost and the sacrifice dedicate towards such a plan. This is evident from the enormous contribution to the city building and development initiatives as a result of a healthy people. The plan to provision of healthcare to the citizens of the city refers to the funding of the healthcare services through direct payments to doctors hospitals and other healthcare providers.

Providing Health care access

According to Macinko, Starfield& Shi (2003), the very immediate objective of the health care is providing access. What the people of San Francisco need are clinics which are convenient to their places of residence. The basics hold it that, the clinics would succeed at pro-active outreach and promote issues of public health, which includes disease prevention and vaccination. The San Francisco can establish these sorts of clinics for the huge number of the San Francisco uninsured citizens so that they seek health care at the city’s private and public clinics and hospitals. The city can further offer subsidies to the private sector so that they can effective provide these services.

Another approach that can be used to boost the access of healthcare for the citizens with low incomes is to provide vouchers that are used to purchase health insurance and make payment for healthcare services (Robert et al., 2006).


Health without quality aspects properly looked into is less of effectiveness and objectivity. The city can ensure the quality of healthcare through gathering, analysis, and dissemination of information. Statistical information pertaining to risk and effectiveness on the common medical procedures are essential for this purpose. Additionally, information on the variations of outcomes procedures from one hospital to another, from one doctor to another are equally useful in ensuring harnessing of health care quality.

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