SCOPE AND REQUIREMENTS ANALYSIS for Network and Security Architecture

Refer to the Network and Security Architecture course project description attached for an overview of your course project. Refer to the scoring guide to see how you will be graded on this assignment. Both are located in the Resources.

You have been provided two organizations that you may use for your project. Alternatively, you may select an organization of your choosing that is similar in scope and size to the sample organizations provided.

For the first component of your project, using the reading materials and any additional resources you find helpful, create your project scope and requirements based on the business goals and constraints of the organization you selected. Your goal is to select the appropriate architecture and to begin making some of the design choices.

Each of the project organizations presents its own challenges. As part of this redesign, evaluate the existing infrastructure and make any and all improvements you believe are appropriate to improve the cost and efficiency of managing the network. You must also consider ethical standards and privacy involved in each step of this redesign project.
For this assignment, submit a document in which you:

Indicate which project organization you have selected.
Describe briefly your organization’s background information. Information for the sample organizations is provided in the project description.
Identify the main goal of the project and define the organizational user, application device, and network requirements.
Describe the choices you are considering for architecture and design decisions relative to topology, device selection, and placement and protocol choices.
Identify any assumptions you made.
Describe which decision makers you included in the requirements analysis process.
Include information relative to the alternatives and provide support for why you have chosen your particular solutions.
Identify any organizational, local, state, and global privacy laws for which your organization will need to show compliance. Include a discussion of how these laws protect companies and individuals, and affect society as a whole.
Submit your Scope and Requirements Analysis document in the assignment area.

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