Social Networking And Teen Suicide

Could Lack of Regulation in Social Networking Sites be contributing to Teen Suicide?

Many things today influence the younger generation. These are mainly things that are based in the cyber world. Whether it’s the fast-­-paste development of high technology or new ways of connecting with their interests over the Internet, teenagers today have everyway of reaching what they want when they want it. This is also made possible by social networks that link their circle of people to one another with live updates, pictures and comment posts that are done virtually. While learning new things about each other or seeing what other peers display on their page, they can also encounter danger this way. Either fake profiles or cyber bullying these are the ultimate harassment to kids in this time and age.

Especially when the Internet is a broad place, with no rules or regulations, to post anything at any time by anyone. Since there are no boundaries some teenagers go through harsh times where they cannot express themselves to others or turn to anyone for comfort and help. This is where social networking is most used when they speak their minds for the first time, then post their goodbye messages. They take their own lives because they haven’t been able to share their true feelings and have been faced to deal with the bad rather than the good outcomes of the usage of Internet. If there are no regulations to control the Internet for the younger generation they will never be able to know how to deal with future pressures that come with life and most importantly won’t be able to be honest with themselves or to their surroundings.  This topic was to chosen to help see what motives and what the psychological stages teenagers go through when encountered with a dangerous situation over the web that threatens their lives.

The business side of this topic is to search for the types of boundaries put to use in the cyber world other than families using “filtering” on the web. In other words –lack of boundaries that.

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