Stem Cells Assignment Instructions

Please go to this website and read some general facts about stem cells : Make sure to click around on the different links on this website to learn as much information about stem-cells as you can.

You may also want to look at the section on stemcells in Chaper 20 of your lecture textbook, but this is not required since most of this information is covered at the above website.Then, please post a post under this discussion board in which you either partially or fully answers one or more of the questions below. Your general personal opinion on this topic is also welcomed, but I would primarily like us to concentrate on discussing the biological details of this issue.

Also, let’s make sure that everyone’s beliefs are respected. Please be professional as you discuss this topic with your fellow classmates.


  1. What are stem cells? How can they be used in disease treatment?
  2. What are the different types of stem-cells? How are the different stem-cells obtained?
  3. Is the use of some stem cells more controversial than the use of other types? Why? Is there a technique (s) now used that can reduce the controversy over using some types of stem cells- explain the technique (s) if you can?
  4. Are some stem cells already being used in treatment, and many in the general public just do not realize that these treatments incorporate stemcells? Give an example.
  5. What is the advantage of using patient-derived stem cells as part of treatment versus non-patient (donor) derived stem cell? What is the disadvantage?
  6. What is the current U.S. federal policy on stem cell use? How does this differ from stem cell policies of other countries?

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