Before and After the Storm, In the Eyes of Leadership

Before and After the Storm, In the Eyes of Leadership

The name of this research paper will be “Before and After the Storm, in the eyes of Leadership” The purpose of this paper is to show how the federal Government, Emergency Management

Director, and local Government handled the pre-storm and post-storm of a disaster. What procedures were taken before and after the disaster? What protocol was put in place for major

disaster? What mistakes were made? How did three different Governments handle their disaster? Compare the three Countries and their resources. Who was in charge at the time of the disaster?

How did they recover from the disaster? Was all vital information about the disaster released to the public? How was the response time to get to the stranded citizens? Was their enough time

to warn citizens? And if so how was it done? What were the steps of letting citizens back into their destroyed homes?

Japan earthquake, on Friday March 11, which created a large tsunami and the results of Fukushima Dalichi reactor failure.

Haiti earthquake, on January 12, 2010, extensive damaging to Port-au-Prince and Jacmel with disease and drought,

United States Hurricane Sandy, the most expensive storm in the States, responsible for 117 death.