Strategic Management – Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company

Vita Nova Agave Company

The name rationale:  A Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company with the utmost recognition of the social welfare and the general health status of its customers.

Vita Nova Agave, the San Francisco, California headquartered NAB Company offers a large base of both retail and wholesale services to its customers with supplies in a multi-flavored non-alcoholic beverages. The top participants of the non-alcoholic beverage (NAB) industry scales the bar high by producing, branding and supplying a blend of beverages that cut across the ages, the social set-ups and the ethnic affiliations in which at least everyone will always find a fit of its products. Apart from the Columbus Avenue base headquarter outlet, the company has several production and supply outlets across the California City and beyond.

The Vita Nova Agave Philosophy

The Vita Nova Agave manufacturers produces their non-alcoholic beverages from the agave nectar as a sweetener for its products of non-alcoholic beverages. The company uses the agave syrup as a sweetener of the non-alcoholic beverages and is commercially produced from various species of agave, which includes the Agave salmiana, and Agave tequilana. The various species and the difference in blending techniques during the production process results to a number of flavors of the agave products to catch a greater market and varied consumer tastes and preferences (Witcher, & Chau, 2010).

The mission of Vita Nova Agape is to provide to their customers the best soft drinks that refresh, nourishes and replenish their clients and the world in entirety. The company has been heightening the scale of Non-Alcoholic Beverages production in pursuit of meeting the changing customer demands and the highly dynamic and competitive beverage industry. Such a great and vibrant mission statement the company inspires and makes its stakeholders fizz with fresh idea and full of creativity over business incentives across the globe. This difference impacts largely on along the traces from bottlers trucking to outlets of retail distribution, from suppliers and creditors, to investors and clients- thereby making every party involved to feel like a team that is in sync with the customers’ taste and preferences, for instance, low sugar or tea drinks.

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