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Information Gathering

The Purpose and Goals of the Mobile Self-Service

The university has established a normal website where students can access and accomplish a number of tasks that were previously only provided in the administration center. The website allows students to register for the next class, to check for their fees structure, their academic performance, to inquire about anything they wish to know from the administration. The site also allows the students to access the school online library, and other education related facilities. However, this service does not allow mobile users to use their devices to access it. In this regard, the purpose of the mobile service is to allow users who wish to use smart phones or tablets to access the university website a chance to do so. The mobile self-service will also allow students to access any information regarding the university at any point through their phones. This will ease means of communication and allow more students to obtain relevant information such as their performance and their assignments at any point and at any time. This will highly enhance student learning in the University.

The Target Audience

The audiences targeted in this application are student who do not have a constant internet access via computers. It also targets e-learners who have to accomplish their learning business by accessing the school website constantly to access their learning materials. It also targets new school applicants who would wish to apply for an opportunity to study in the university. With increased use of mobile devices to access online materials, most people would consider search for the right school using their mobile devices at the comfort of their home or while traveling. In this regard, the school will obtain a good opportunity to attract more students by making their website accessible via mobile devices.

The Audience Needs and Wants

The audience main need is to access the school website at any time using their mobile devices. The audience would wish to access various parts of the site and to do various tasks that include accessing their student portal to read the content and to download reading materials and assignments and to upload files in their student portals among other things. They also need to watch videos uploaded in their portals and read any content found either in their portal or in the university library. They will also want to navigate through the entire school website accessing various information that include news, contacts, fees payment, and fees balance among other things. Therefore, the mobile self-service should allow them to do all is done by other students using computers to access the websites. This also include filling forms, doing online assignments, filling forms to borrow books from another library, communicating with the administration and lecturers using the inbuilt email system among other things.

Resources Required Achieving the Desired Output

To achieve the desired output, there are a number of resources that will require to be provided. They will include the knowledge required to develop mobile website development. One will also require having a platform that will ease the process of designing. In this case, the platform must manage to support the current web design languages that include the CSS, HTML5 and javascripting. It must also manage to work on iOS and android based smartphones and tablets, since the application focuses on iphones and blackberries. The developer must also have a well functional computer to be used in the development process.  The developer must also have the knowledge to use the above stated designing languages to enhance the development. Other resources include the right browsers, internet access, and a mobile device to be used in website testing. Just like all other web applications, the site will require a host and thus, other resources such an operational server will also be needed to run the application and to ensure the site accessibility and availability.

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