Success Factors for Coca-Cola

Create Key Success Factors for Coca-Cola.. You will integrate your external analysis of the competitive ecosystem with your internal evaluation of the core skills and capabilities.. Through this integration of your analysis, you will evaluate the key success factors for Coca-Cola company and develop three to five strategic recommendations that Coca-cola company should pursue. Refer to the attached document, “Tools for Tracking Your Strategic Thoughts” and “Using ‘Tools for Tracking Your Strategic Thoughts,’” to assist you with your analysis.

Create a draft of the following components of the Capstone Project to the Capstone Forum:

  •  2- to 3-paragraph description of the Key Success Factors for Coca-Cola you have selected


  • A 3- to 5-paragraph explanation of the implications of your analysis: Recommend at least three to five strategic paths and explain why the company should follow them. Interpret what each path means for core skills and capabilities the company currently has, and which skills and capabilities it needs to develop to stay competitive in the next 5–10 years.


  • In both sections, integrate evidence from your analysis.


  • Attach your version of the document, “Tools for Tracking Your Strategic Thoughts,” to the post. Complete the tab, “INTG KSF Matrix” (columns A through G), to the fullest extent possible. Your Instructor and your colleagues should see the data, evidence, and sources of information you are using to support your conclusions.* See attached document.