System Analysis And Design – ULM Models – Taxi Company

You are to produce a set of object-oriented models that represent the operations of the taxi company described on the next page in Problem Scenario. The graphical models are to be produced using a software drawing package such as Microsoft Visio and follow the UML convention Version 2.0. Also describe the graphical models in plain English so that I have a clear understanding of your models.

The specific UML models you are to produce are:
  1. Use case description and diagrams for a dispatch call from the dispatcher.
  2. The activity diagram for the processing of a fare payment by the passenger.
  3.  The sequence diagram for security camera operations.
  4. The state machine diagram for a fare payment transaction.
  5. The class diagram for all described elements of the information systems.
  6. You will notice that not all elements of a Functional Requirements Specification have been required in this assignment. That is because the complexity involved in a full specification requires more time than you reasonably would have available to do the work.


Problem Scenario

The Empire Taxi Company provides a number of services to owners of taxi cabs that are affiliated with Empire. The information services provided are call dispatch, GPS location tracking, security camera and electronic fare payments. The computerized call dispatch system is operated by a dispatcher in the Empire head office.
When a passenger calls for a taxi the call handlers get from them a passenger name, pick up address, pick up time and destination. Optionally the call handler will also enter a type code and concession code if applicable. The default type code is standard car but options exist for minibus and wheelchair taxi. Concession code applies to pensioners who receive a subsidized fare.
This information is transmitted by the dispatcher to all available taxis within a 5km radius of the pick up address. The GPS system identifies the taxis to receive the dispatch information. If no…


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