Taft-Hartley Act And Employee referrals – HRM Terms

Taft-Hartley Act

The Act is important as it provides for an avenue to make inquiry into investigating unions’ disputes when it is believed the strike would endanger national health or safety. The act is used in areas of collective bargain approach. An interesting part of the Taft-Hartley Act is the consideration of “unfair” labor practices within different backgrounds worldwide (Abraham, 2012).

Employee referrals

The concept is instrumental in human resource management as it involves a recruitment strategy with all-inclusive approach for engaging the organization’s workforce and streamlining its recruitment by saving on effort, money and time (Society for Human Resource Management (U.S.), (2011). Employee referrals are used in speedy hires as the employees sell the company to the candidates even before the actual interview. The interesting aspect of this concept is the substantiality of hiring the referred versus non-referred applicants.


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