Technological Factors Affecting a Business

Organizational change

During routines modifications, workers are usually not able to keep with the pace leading to low quality provisions. Such instances lead to consumer outcry and low purchasing from businesses. It is crucial to inform all workers to change in advance to suit the technological changes in the business environment to ensure success (Blank, 2013).

Business Processes

Using new integrated modern technologies assists in achieving organizational goals and objectives. This can only become possible if business operations solicit different requirements that are in line with the business operation. Using more sophisticated technological advancements lead to quality provision and high customer demand (Piercy, 2012).

Cost Involved

Businesses benefit immensely if they are geared towards changing the outdated systems in their operations (Burnett, 2008). Such moves lead to increased expenses due to training, but beneficial to both consumers and business operators. Most organizations are usually hesitant to make changes due to the high costs involved leading to poor quality products and services.


Accuracy can only be enhanced in organizations if they desire to make use of various efficient methods in their operations. Such moves lead to low manual labor costs and high productivity. To ensure efficiency businesses make use of technological advancements and often do away with outdated methods of operation (Piercy, 2012).

Contingency Planning

All technological improvements are crucial for business success, but businesses ought to check on the responsibilities that come with the changes (Shepherd, 2000). Planning ahead is a tool that can assist business operations to soar into high heights while involving different technological facets. Businesses have a mandate of mitigating various risks like cyber crime to ensure continuity and increased profits from their operations. Businesses need to adopt all technological aspects of their business to be able to compete effectively in their niche.

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