The Neclace Tone

It’s very important to live your life as simple without dreaming too much about impossible things that you can’t reach. Whether being handsome or gorgeous doesn’t mean that you have to have a better life, however, being satisfied with what you have in life is better than being greedy. By Guy de Maupassant shows how the main character, Mathilde, wants to live the rich life. Her lavish lifestyle makes her miserable. She suffers permanently, because she thinks that she deserves a better life because of her beauty which leads her to face a lot of “anguish” situations in her life, while in the end, the necklace that she lost and worked hard to replace was fake. By writing this story, the narrator proves his point that everyone has to appreciate his or her life regardless of what characteristics anyone has. what I’m going to analyze about this story is her suffering with poverty, her attitude towards her husband, and her greed let her pay for ten years.
In the story of “The Necklace” the author begins by mentioning that “She had no dowry, no expectations, and no means of being known” and “suffering ceaselessly ” Maupassant shows us that Mathilde is an unusual girl in his world. Regardless of what the most important characteristic she has in the story, we see that she suffers of being poor from the beginning of her life. She doesn’t like her situation in her life at the opening of the story, because she was one of the most gorgeous girls and wants to be wealthy which she thinks that she is made in life of being rich, and she deserves a better life than she has because of her looks, but due to her poverty and dignity, she couldn’t achieve her dreams by marrying a rich husband who spoils her as she wants and fulfills her desire.
In the middle of the story, the narrator says that “Here is something for you” the author reveals that how affectionate Mathilde’s husband he is towards Mathilde. He wants to help her to feel happy instead of being frustrated and pessimistic all the time. That’s what the author means that husbands try their best to help their wives and share the good and the bad moment to let their life move with happiness and joys while wives . He thinks that his wife would be “delighted” for the invitation that he brings from work.
The day of the ball arrives and she is a success. Maupassant describes her as, “prettier than them all, elegant, gracious, smiling, and crazy with joy.” All the men wanted to know who she is, and even the minister notices her. Here the
like she was in the cage for a long time and finally his wife released her

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