Value of an Acuity System – Essay

Acuity System

Acuity is referred to as the measurement of the nursing care intensity needed by a patient. My organization has acuity-founded system for staffing controls. This system regulates nurses’ shifts based on the needs of the patients and not based in the number of patients. The needs of patients differ based on their stage of care with those who are close to being discharge, demanding less care as compared to those that are admitted in the ICU. In this regard, the system enhances the division of work by lowering the number of patients to nurse ratio among nurses handling patients demanding much care and increase the patients to nurse ratio for patients that need less care. The system has highly assisted in lowering the cases of burnout among nurses since the system ensures effective division of work and matching nurses with their qualifications. This has highly enhanced the quality provided to the patients by respective nurses.

This system has highly enhanced performance and efficiency in our organization. Patients are currently receiving better care than before. Moreover, the level of job satisfaction is increasing with right matching of jobs. The system is also enhancing the patient-nurse relationship since nurses can get time to offer all round care to the patient, building their hope and extracting all required information to enhance good care. Matching nurses with the right patients based on their skills rejuvenate nurses’ strength and thus, better results are normally attained in this process. In this regard, the system can be regarded to be very effective and valuable to the organization. It has played a great role in enhancing the accomplishment of the organization mission.

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