Breast Cancer Article – Assignment Instructions

Write an article on Breast Cancer. Please describe in detail about the history/background, cause, symptoms, and prevention of breast cancer. This assignment carries 100 points . The assignment should be 4-5 pages long.

Follow this format while preparing your assignment:

  • Title of the article: The title of the article should be typed in the middle of the page on a separate sheet of paper. Your name, subject, section, and the date should be typed at the bottom of the page (reading/writing, 5 points)
  • Introduction/Background/History: This section is the preface of your article. This section summarizes what you have to write in the content section of the paper. (Reading/writing and information Literacy, 1-2 paragraphs, 10 points)
  • Content: This section should contain a detail description of the article/paper. Depending on the given assignment it can be divided in several subheadings. For example, if the assignment is disease related, you must focus and include sub-headings, such as, a detail description of causative organism,the cancer treatment and prevention. (reading/writing, information and quantitative literacy, 1.5-2.5 pages, 40 points)
  • Discussion/Analysis: This section should contain your opinion about the given topic. It should include a discussion of the content section. (reading/writing and quantitative literacy, 2-3 paragraphs, 25 points)
  • Conclusion/Summary: This section should include the concluding remarks of the article/paper. (reading/writing and quantitative literacy, 1 paragraph, 10 points)
  • References: All of the references you used to create this paper should be cited in the Reference section. (reading/writing and information literacy, 8 points)
  • Acknowledgements: In this section, you may acknowledge any resource used to help you write your paper. You may include resources such as, your teachers, your friends, the testing center, the reading/writing center and the library personnel. (reading/writing and information literacy, 2 points)
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