Capstone Final Project : Apple’s Appeal In the Market

Mission and Vision Statement

Convincingly, the organization’s mission balances the company overall success formula with the need for each business to be successful competing for people, without developing a disadvantages in the overall cost of the client service. For that reason, significant portions of the total reward architecture should be responsive to the business.

Vision statement

The vision statement for the wider Apple fraternity is, “we believe that we are on the face of the earth to manufacture greater products

However, for netting new shareholders, the following vision statement will be applied

Develop a responsive group for tomorrow’s generation

Mission statement

The current mission statement for Apple is to lead the digital through the development of products, which reinvent the OS product life.

Concerning the appealing strategy, the following mission statement will apply

To develop a group which will serves the aggregate needs of humankind

Business objectives

Even though these business objectives have not been stated widely, Apple business mission can be understood as one that fosters a manufacturing strategy that promote products of superior quality and value that improve the lives of human beings. In addition to that, the business objective focuses on making, distributing, and selling finest quality amongst its rivalling products. To appeal to stakeholders, Apple operates the company in a way that actively recognizes the central business objective that is structuring the business to meet of society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life for both the local and international communities. By relating to the above vision and mission in terms of the benefits that customer seek the foundation for the marketing plan is set. As a result, the business objective successfully convinces that Apple is company to invest in.

Five Forces Analysis

Decisively, there is a need to develop a firm business-level strategy one that reflects on the profits of the business. As such, the model will encourage a discipline that examines what a particular industry faces. In any case, forces within the industry that significantly affected profitability. Arabzadeh (2012, p. 44) argues that if a firm understands these forces, then it can develop a business-level strategy, which allows the business to either take advantages or protect itself from these forces. In the case of Apple as a firm, the model will facilitate the determination of industry functionality. This includes buyers, suppliers, substitutes, new entrants, and rivalry. In this case, the forces in the five forces model are analyzed from the perspective of how they can limit industry profits. The following section will analyze the five forces and how they are applied in the business.

SWOT Analysis

The marketing team should adopt Apple’s mainstream Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats to determine its current business position. Since the SWOT analysis will be examines apple’s internal conditions as well as external conditions, the marketing department will be required to enrol a discussion on what the firm’s resources and basic alternatives that emerge from the firm internal marketing strategy. The figure below indicates the overall integrative SWOT analysis that will be applied.

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