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Obesity and Physical Activity – Annotated Bibliography

Withal, J., Jago, R., & Cross, J. (2009). Families’ and health professionals’ perceptions of influences on diet, activity and obesity in a low-income community. Health & Place, 15, 1078-1085.
This article is about a research study conducted to explain the presence of nutrition problems among low-income earners. Withal, Jago and Cross set out to identify the factors that challenge consumption of balanced and health diets among low-income earners. The research took the qualitative approach where the researchers conducted interviews with various focus groups. The National Health Service (NHS) determined participation in the research by organizing for the participation of various families and health professionals.  The research concluded that overweight/obesity problems were prevalent due to lack of adequate measures of healthy living, which is a factor of various factors affecting low-income families. Lack of access to all the ingredients and components of healthy diets is among the factors challenging the consumption of healthy diets in low-income families. Lack of access to such components is due to high costs, which low-income earners cannot afford. The research recommended that behavior change regarding the social, cultural and family life should be the main strategy of dealing with the challenge of unhealthy consumption, which has led to obesity among children and the youth.
Walker, R., Keane, C., & Burke, J. (2010). Disparities and access to health food in the United States: A review of food deserts literature. Health & Place, 16, 876-884.
Walker, Keane and Burke main interest was studying matters related to availability of healthy foods in some geographical locations. The cost of nutritious foods in some areas is influenced by lack of access, which leads to nutrition disparities in the United
States. Researchers in this study did a secondary research on various sources of information regarding food deserts in the United States. They reviewed various articles from January 2008 to January 2010, with food access in the United States being one of the considerations.  The study found out that the geographical environment of individuals influences their diets. Low-income environments have relatively low number of supermarkets and food outlets compared with high-income environments. Racial disparities also lead to creation of food deserts in some environments.  Therefore, most of the nutrition-related health problems experienced in low-income environments are due to lack of access to healthy and nutritious diets.
Ewing, R., Meakins, G., Hamidi, S., & Nelson, A. (2014).Relationship between urban sprawl and physical activity, obesity and morbidity – update and refinement. Health & Place, 26, 118-126.
The effect of physical activity on obesity and other nutrition-related health problems has been a subject of discussion in many forums. This study invested in identifying the relationship between physical activity and prevalence of obesity and other nutrition problems. The researchers started by identifying various items that are fit to be included among physical activity. Travelling to work and carrying out routine duties are among the items that are fit to be considered as physical activity. The researchers identified three health conditions that are often related to lack of physical activity and obesity. However, the study concluded that physical activity is not responsible for the increased cases of overweight adults, especially in the United States. The environment as well as factors within the environment have led to increased prevalence of obesity among adults in the United States. Therefore, the only solution to the problem is through the development of environments that will help eliminate the existing environmental challenges.
Berge, J., Wall, M., Larson, N., Forsyth, A., Bauer, K., &Neumark-Sztainer, D. (2014). Youth dietary intake and weight status: Healthful neighborhood food environments enhance the protective role of supportive family home environments. Health & Place, 26, 69-77.
Adolescents are most vulnerable to nutrition-related health problems due to their diet patterns. This research study investigated the interaction between local neighboring associations among adolescents. The research study wanted to identify the influence of neighboring environments on healthy living among adolescents in a local home setting. The study investigated factors within the two environments, for example family income and parental guidance, which affect healthy eating behaviors. The study sought to fill the existing literature gap related to the issue of obesity among adolescents. Many scholars have recommended intake of fruits and low calories of fats as an approach of reducing cases of obesity among adolescents. However, the research found out that parallel implementation of healthy living policies in both the local and neighboring environments is the most feasible way of dealing with obesity among adolescents. This is because adolescents value the co-existence between local and neighboring environments as an important determinant of behavior. Therefore, according to this study, the solution towards obesity lies in various factors within the environment.
Ding, D., & Gebel, K. (2012). Built environment, physical activity, and obesity: What we learned from reviewing the literature? Health & Place, 18, 100-105.
Ding and Gebel conducted a secondary research to evaluate the interaction between the built environment and physical activity/obesity. The researchers questioned the relevance of some research studies that have been affected by a myriad of flaws in both their conceptual frameworks and application of statistical methods. For instance, travelling and physical activity in some environments has been associated with obesity problems among individuals. However, the studies have neglected looking at all possibilities regarding physical activity and obesity that capture the reality. The research recommended a different approach to research pertaining physical activity and obesity in different environments. Studies should concentrate on specific physical activities and characteristics of the environments under scrutiny in order to avoid conceptual mismatches. However, it is worth noting that the researchers in this study rest upon the fact that the environment has an influence of obesity and other nutrition problems affecting individuals in the society.

Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program

Watch the video “Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program.”

TeachingStrategies ErlyEd. (2012, Jul 18). Make the Most of Every Minute in Your Preschool Program. [Video file.] Retrieved from

These early childhood professionals have created a variety of enriching learning environments and strategies.

  • Discuss strategies and environmental arrangements in the videos that were child-centered versus teacher-directed.
  • What theories best align with these strategies and environmental arrangements and why? Please give specific examples in your answer.

Choose one learning strategy from one of the videos and discuss how the you could extend the cognitive and language learning of children. Discuss specifically the learning environment, learning materials and learning strategies  in your response to maximize language, cognition and literacy.  Please be sure to address developmentally appropriate activities in your response.

CIS 111 – Implementing Data warehouses And Data Mining

Your database has been a hit. You have been called back to the customer’s headquarters and they want a detailed report and plan of how to convert the mass amounts of data into profitable information. They have heard of data warehouses and data mining, but they want you to provide an executive overview and a plan with specifics on how they will take their environment to the next level with the implementation of a data warehouse and data mining infrastructure.

Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:

1. Provide an executive overview that addresses the following:

a. Explain the benefits and current trends of data warehousing and data mining.

b. Provide two (2) examples of quality companies successfully using a data warehouse to support your answer.

c. Outline the architecture, models, and views used in the data warehouse.

2. Discuss optimization techniques specific to data warehousing and data mining.

3. Assume that the company has accumulated 20TB of data and that 20% per year growth is

expected in the size of the Data Warehouse. Recommend a solution for this scenario with respect

to software, hardware, and network requirements.

4. Create a diagram using Visio, Microsoft Paint, or other graphical creation utility of your choosing

to illustrate the conceptual data feeds into and out of the data warehouse. Note: The graphically

depicted solution is not included in the required page length.

5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites

do not qualify as quality resources.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

ï‚· Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; citations and references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.

ï‚· Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required assignment page length.

ï‚· Include charts or diagrams created in Excel, Visio, MS Project, or one of their equivalents such as Open Project, Dia, and OpenOffice. The completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the

Word document before the paper is submitted.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

ï‚· Demonstrate the basic mechanisms for accessing relational databases from various types of application development environments.

ï‚· Summarize the difference between online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytic processing (OLAP), and their relationship among business intelligence, data warehousing, and data mining.

ï‚· Summarize how database systems support enterprise and Web-based applications.

ï‚· Use technology and information resources to research issues in database systems.

ï‚· Write clearly and concisely about relational database management systems using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

3G and 4G Technologies Pros and Cons and Its role in Today’s Applications

There are a number of cellular phone companies each serving their own unique geographical areas. Likewise, they each may use a different technology to transfer communication. Research the pros and cons 3G and 4G technologies and its role in today’s applications.

Write a three to four (3-4) page paper in which you:

  1. Compare the pros and cons of 3G and 4G technology to determine the best uses of 3G and 4G technology in today’s applications.
  2. Describe how an enterprise would use 3G, 4G, WWAN, and WIAMX to improve business. Explain why they would use one (1) solution over the remaining three (3).
  3. Analyze the changes in 4G technology since the printing of the textbook in 2009 and identify those of importance for a user of 4G technology.
  4. Take a position on the following statement, “Wireless application protocol is a necessity for wireless communication organizations and their users.” Then, explain your position with supporting evidence.
  5. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment.

Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Compare and contrast among local area and wide area network technologies and architectures.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in communication networks.
  • Write clearly and concisely about communication networks using proper writing mechanics and technical style conventions.

Analyze the key concepts related to the talent pools and the talent review process

Assignment 5: Sustainable Talent Management

Determine which performance management process you will employ to measure employee talent.
Analyze the key concepts related to the talent pools and the talent review process.
Develop appropriate talent management objectives to measure functional expertise.
Assess the key elements of global talent management as they apply to your organization.
Recommend a process that optimizes a sustainable talent management process.
Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date.
The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Determine the effects of leadership in the management of talent pools and the talent review process.
Compare and contrast the talent assessment and employee performance management processes.
Review the process of developing functional expertise and setting and measuring talent management objectives.
Discover how the management process affects global talent management.
Determine the organizational benefits of strategy-driven talent management and building a sustainable process.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in talent management.
Write clearly and concisely about talent management using proper writing mechanics.

Why Marxist Communism Failed – Christian Perspective

From a Christian perspective, why did Marxist communism fail?

From a Christian point of view, Marxism failed primarily because of its atheistic perspective. Despite philosophies that are in many ways compatible to Christian ethics, both Marx himself, and the governments that chose to govern on the basis of his philosophies, expressly forbade the practice of religion. Marxist believed that under capitalism, man is alienated from other men and from himself. According to Marxist, man can only overcome alienation by doing away with private property and creating a communist society. Socialist economic policy reflects that notion by attempting to equalize the distribution of wealth and stronger governmental economic controls. As Christians God warns us not to use coervice power from the state to bend society into conformity with his kingdom. Not to fall prey to the secular myth that the state can transform you. The state can influence behavior by taking peoples property, livelihood, and families. But as shown in the rapid disappearance of communism philosphy’s influence on Eastern Europe in the 1900’s.

Effects of Legislation on HR Outsourcing

The stated goal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is to give more Americans access to health care. But relative to the topic of outsourcing, it may also be causing an increase in benefits administration outsourcing, as employers, especially those that are smaller, seek help in navigating the uncertain, complicated, ongoing health care-reform measures.

When facing the massive reporting and compliance requirements required by the new health care laws, many smaller and mid-size employers will seek more outside assistance/partnering. Many of them lack the back-office support to meet the PPACA’s regulations and it is not a skill they want to make a core competency (Starner, 2011).

Using the 5C model (culture, costs, competencies, compliance, competitors), analyze how new laws would specifically stimulate increased outsourcing of health care and related benefits. Consider examples at the local, state, and federal level of changes in laws/regulations that either increased or decreased business partnering and outsourcing. For example, why would a federal requirement for universal health care coverage increase HR outsourcing?

To complete this Assignment, respond to the following in a 3- to 4-page paper:

Analyze the effects of legislation on HR outsourcing.
Using the 5C model, analyze how new laws requiring universal health care would specifically stimulate increased outsourcing of health care and related benefits.
Using the table provided in this week’s Learning Resources (Effects of Legislation on HR Outsourcing), do research to fill in five of the nine cells illustrating the effects of local, state, and federal legislation on HR outsourcing.
Provide a brief description/explanation of each.
Identify whether the legislation increased, decreased, or had no effect on HR outsourcing.
Evaluate the effects of federal legislation requiring universal health care coverage on the outsourcing of health care in the U.S.
From your research, describe three specific effects you think such legislation would have on outsourcing of health care.
What specific actions can HR professionals take to enable employees to navigate the complexities of PPACA?

Starner, T. (2011). Outsourcing health benefits grows more popular. Human Resources Executive Online. Retrieved from

Also note need at least 5-6 references

Cyber Security in Business Organizations – How Target Blew It

Founded in February 1902, Target Corporation has remained one of the best performing online retailers in the United States. The company provides everyday necessities at affordable prices to customers. The products offered by Target include grocery, dairy items, and perishables. A large percentage of Target’s customers come from the United States and Canada. This explains why Target has its stores located in these two regions. The company’s best performing brands include Kid Made Modern, Simply Shabby, O’Brein, and Cherokee. Target Corporation is one of those companies that have been faced with data security issues in the recent past.

Fundamental Challenges That Organizations Face In General In Regard To Protecting Organizational Assets And Information

Organizations in the contemporary world are faced with numerous challenges related to protection of organizational assets and information. The main challenge that organizations face in regard to protection of their assets and information is lack of hardware and software that are required to protect valuable resources (Bhadauria et al., 2011). Although an organization may have enough capital to use in safeguarding its data, inappropriate choice of software and hardware may ruin its reputation and even result into loss of very crucial assets, both tangible and intangible. Apart from hardware and software selection, an organization must also ensure that it appropriately defines employee’s roles and responsibilities through well laid down rules and policies (Doherty and Fulford, 2005). By laying down proper management control measures, organizations can effectively protect their assets and information.

Another challenge facing organizations regarding protection of assets and information is improper implementation of technology that is largely used to store data. The technological advancements in the contemporary world have compelled organizations to upgrade their systems and to be able to provide excellent services to customers. For instance, companies have integrated e-commerce into their systems specifically for buying and selling of products and services. Companies that exclusively use e-commerce to sell goods and services find it very difficult to adopt those systems in a manner that will enable them to increase efficiency and productivity, and to achieve competitive advantage. Improper implementation of e-business systems is therefore one of the reasons why modern companies lose data as well as their important assets. Modern organizations must continuously monitor their systems to ensure that they are safe from external attacks (Panko, 2010).

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Red Flag That Target Overlooked Or Ignored Before The Retail Attack

In the given case, the data security of Target Corporation was breached by cybercriminals, leading to loss of financial and personal information of several millions of customers. The retail attacked at Target could have been avoided if only Target could have effectively taken appropriate actions towards various red flags that were observed before the attack. The first red flag occurred in 2013 when a malware was installed in the company’s payment system to steal credit cards used in its 1797 stores across the United States. Target did not take any action to help improve its data security system (Weiss and Miller, 2015). Another red flag that occurred when an escape route for Target’s data was planned in the company’s stores located in the United States. Fortunately, these activities were spotted before they could cause harm, but Target did not take appropriate actions to help avoid similar attacks in future. The two red flags mentioned above required immediate action by Target, a move that could have avoided the observed damage to the company’s reputation (Weiss and Miller, 2015).

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Main Actions That Target Took After The Breach Occurred The Efficiency Of Such Actions.

After the security breach occurred, Target has seen the importance of taking actions that can help it win back customer trust and record high sales as before. First Target has recruited a competent Chief Information Security Officer who will help identify and prevent risks associated with information security and technology. The Chief Information Security Officer will ensure that the company’s customers and guests are safe from information security threats. Second, Target has officially joined the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center to help it enhance its information security system. The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center is a non-profit organization that assists companies to detect, prevent, and respond to cyber attacks and any forms of fraudulent activities. Third, Target has invested close to 5 million United States Dollars in cyber security coalition. This coalition helps the company to increase awareness about cybersecurity. Fourth, Target has taken significant actions to help strengthen cyber security across all its networks. The company achieves this by offering frequent updates on security and technology enhancements (Lowestein, 2014).

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Fifth, Target has spent approximately 61 million United States Dollars since February 2014 as a response to the security breach. In order to gain customer trust that it has already lost, Target Chief Executive Officer has announced that customers will not be required to pay anything for the fraudulent activities that have resulted from the security breach. Target suffered significant financial losses following the security breach. For instance, in 2013, the company’s profit fell to 46 percent from more than 50 percent in the previous year. The actions that the Target has taken since the security breach occurred are highly efficient in the sense that, they will enable the company to avoid significant financial losses resulting from security breach in future (Lowestein, 2014).

Main Reasons Why The Attack On Target Occurred

The attack on target occurred due to a number of reasons. Prior to executing more sever email attacks, cyber criminals often begin with simple and basic attacks that enable them to scrutinize a company’s system effectively. It is after the cyber criminals are conversant with how a company’s system operates when they will execute massive attacks. In Target’s case, it can be concluded that the company indirectly contributed to the attack that occurred on its system. Target has left a large amount of its internal information in the hands of vendors though its websites. These websites do not require login details and everyone who gets to the website can get access to this information. This means that the company’s data is easily accessible to members of the public. For this reason, the hackers found it very easy to steal consumers’ financial and personal data (Weiss and Miller, 2015).

Personally, I feel that the attack occurred due to poor infrastructure as well as due to the inability of management to act accordingly. First, the company has not put in place the right hardware and software that can enable it to protect customers’ data. This is evidenced in the manner the company has left its internal data unprotected and to be accessed easily by the public. Second, the attack occurred because the company’s management failed to react accordingly to the red flags that it had experienced before. Had the company’s management take appropriate action on time, the security breach could have been avoided. The significant financial loss that Target has experienced as a result of security breach explain why the company should invest heavily in initiatives and programs that will enable it to offer the greatest customer purchase security (Dlamini, Eloff and Eloff, 2009).

Helping Student Manage Challenges they Face With Online Studies

The aspect of time is one critical factor in our day-to-day life that we can never assume at any point. This makes time management an inevitable component that we all need to embrace at the best of our capability. There is a number of tasks to be accomplished in our daily life, ranging from household chores, work, personal fitness, leadership roles, church responsibilities and studies. This process analysis essay gives a comprehensive approach towards helping students in managing the challenges they face when undertaking their online studies. The essay further presents astep-by-step platform on which hope is restored for the students to believe that they can manage their time effectively in order to accomplish everything they want.

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The process of balancing studies, family, work among other responsibilities is never an easy one but calls for self-determination and discipline. The greatest challenge one faces is the urge to pass exams while still working on shift, and still goes home to the family that needs his/her input in organizing everything around the home. When such a time reaches, everything seems complicated. It is understood that the overload becomes very overwhelming and would make someone feel like giving up, but that should not be the case, we should always remind ourselves that we must do something in order to create a balance between the various aspects of our lives that mean everything to us.

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Despite all the challenges that come with the pursuit of the various responsibilities, family will always remain at the top of priority for most of us. However, one needs to make smart and tough choices which will help him/she achieve some kind of stability with his/her work, online studies, family among other responsibilities. A good aspect of the online studies is that one gets to study from home while taking care of the family at the same time. Therefore, a person should be in the best position to create a balance of the online studies, work and family with ease.

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The very first step that an individual should put in place in balancing the family duties, work and studies is to acquire a daily planner. The gadget is most appropriate as its portable and therefore one can carry it along everywhere he wants. The day planner helps in organizing the activities an individual plans to undertake for the day. The individual jots down each day’s activities alongside what he should achieve at the end of the day. He puts a tick against the activities and the chores completed. The daily schedule should be strictly timed. When the day planner is used effectively, it helps one to manage time appropriately apart from the individual being in a position to do things that he/she couldn’t initially do. The process of creating a balance on online studies, family and work boils down to proper time management. We will be amazed with the much we can do with the little time available.

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On the other hand, not all the important aspects of our lives can be managed with the use of a day planner, for example family. This creates a demarcation on the areas in which the day planner can be most suitable and where its application is purely inappropriate. Therefore, an individual needs to thinks of a way out in the places the day planner will not be of importance.

Use of a diary is another appropriate way of managing ones time, apart from the day planner. The diary can be a good material to put down the most valuable goals and priorities. The diary gives one a directive to give attention to the most important goals and priorities that he/she feels matter most on a particular day.This makes one to ensure that he does not put too much attention on a particular responsibility and forget the others.

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Additionally, in order for an individual to manage his time wisely he must develop a tight time-frame. This would mean to make specific time for studies. One should note down the days of the week and then focus on what he wants to get done that particular week. The next concern would be to go through the listed days of the week and then put down what he wants to getdone on every specific day of the week.It’s very critical to be organized since this makes one to stay on top of his plans.Being focused is an essential integral of balancing work, family, studies and other tasks.

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Another efficient method of creating a balance between family, work, studies and other responsibilities is through sharing of family responsibilities. One should ensure that he assigns the available responsibilities to every member of the family in order to avoid juggling everything on his head only. A supportive family would always be ready to help each other in accomplishing their dreams by assisting in doing the household chores and other responsibilities. When one has got no household chores and other family responsibilities to worry about he gets ample time to manage his study schedule, and work.

Moreover, one should stick to a study plan in order to balance his studies with other life responsibilities. One would need to miss out a lot things, especially the ones that seem to be less important. This would call for making sacrifices like skipping outing in order to do most valuable things of the day.It is acknowledged that life is really challenging and a bunch of school work would make it more scary. Therefore, achieving success in academics alongside other responsibilities bestowed upon an individual would call for a relentless effort in sticking to a study plan. Every week may present a totally different course of activities, therefore one needs to be very dynamic and open minded to incorporate a change of activities and achieve the optimal outcome of every task undertaken.

Operating on a flexible schedule is also an important way of managing the online studies, family and work. Though, a good part of the schedule would be inflexible but a room for adjustment is a perfect way of ensuring an effective time management depending on the contingencies that may arise in the course of doing the tasks.For instance, one should build a routine that he can stick to, but also he is able to adjust it when other important things come up.

Lastly, stress management is another crucial aspect in the management of time and creating room for the successful accomplishment of tasks. The process of undertaking studies, engaging in family responsibilities and work involves some elements of stress. One should therefore try to prevent stress, hence learn how to relieve it as well. Transiting from one task to the other calls on a person to take a break. When one gives himself some time to recollect when he needs it most, he can reproach the tasks with a clear mind.

In conclusion, the process analysis of time management with respect to achieving the best outcome out of the underlying responsibilities, a day planner, stress management, sticking to a study plan, being organized and delegation of responsibilities are at the core of attaining such a critical of work, family, studies and other responsibilities.

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