Coastal Processes, Hazards and Assessment Techniques – Assignment Instructions

Conduct a literature review of the coastal processes, hazards and assessment techniques used to define these hazards for a section of the NSW, Australia coast.

Contrast the NSW coastal processes and hazards with those found along the Southern Californian, USA coast. Examples of coastal process and hazard definition studies are provided and uploaded (attached). Select a regional coastal section from the following:

  • NSW, Australia studies; Tweed Regional Coast, Richmond Regional Coast, or Coffs Harbour Regional Coast, or Nambucca Regional Coast;
  • Southern California, USA studies: San Francisco Regional Coast, Santa Barbara and Ventura Regional Coasts, Carpinteria Regional Coast

Read the appropriate reports plus additional research literature, to research the following:

  • Outline the various coastal processes;
  • Define the coastal hazards, including a diagram of the key coastal processes;
  • Describe the available data for the hazard assessment and the hazard assessment methods;
  • Contrast the differences and similarities of the hazard assessment between the chosen coasts of NSW and California.
  • Assess the limitations of this hazard definition study and outline how the definition of the hazards could be improved, including an improved data set.
  • Summarise the present and future (2050 to 2100 AD) hazards.
    • Support your report with diagrams and maps.

Prepare a report, based on your literature review, approximately 2000 – 2500 words (6-8 A4 pages with references) in length, not including diagrams and maps. The report is 35% of the total course assessment.

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