COBRA And Job description – Human Resource Management Terms


The Convenient Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) is important to human resource management as the individual entitled to elect COBRA continuation coverage at a time when he would otherwise lose group health coverage under a group health plan has the opportunity to consider every option he/she has to get other health coverage before he/she decides. COBRA is used in all the group health plans which are maintained by the private-sector employers having an employee base of 20 and more individuals. It is an interesting area in COBRA to analyze who is a qualified beneficiary to the plan. This is because only specific individuals can be qualified beneficiaries as a result of a qualifying event, with the kind of qualification event determining who is considered a qualified beneficiary when it happens.

Job description

Job description is an important tool for HR management which helps in increasing organizational and individual effectiveness through development of job profiles for the different key positions in terms of duties and responsibilities.This HR management tool is used in recruitment campaigns in which there is an explicit articulation of duties and qualifications for a particular position.An interesting aspect of job description is the application of the organization’s work plan and job description in monitoring the entire organizational performance.

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