Communication management

Use the same project you selected in Week One to write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper (do not add it to the WK2 and WK3 paper this week) in which you demonstrate how you use communication to maintain effective teamwork at the following key points in a project:

    • Communication management: Explain how the project manager communicates project performance evaluation results to both management and the customer.
    • Team selection: Identify the project organization structure selected and why it was selected. Explain how approval for this organization structure is obtained.
    • Project revisions: Projects must be revised to eliminate any resource conflicts over allocations. Generate a task responsibility matrix, and a resource availability matrix to identify resource conflicts. Next, update your project plan with necessary revisions. Your paper must identify how the resource conflicts are identified, what method is used to eliminate these conflicts, and how these project revisions are communicated both internally to your team and externally to the organization as a whole.
    • Performance monitoring: Discuss how team members report activities. Explain how the project team’s performance is reported to the project stakeholders (remember communication plan).
    • Include the following:
      • Risk management matrix including risk handling strategy. Identify the category (avoid, accept, etc.) of the strategy in the matrix.
      • Task responsibility matrix with specific stakeholder group responsibilities. (Note: some external stakeholders may not be in this matrix.)
      • Project status information
      • Cost and schedule variance analysis
      • Formulating cost, schedule, and performance alternatives
      • Forecasting budget and schedule completion
      • Methods of corrective action taken
      • Managing expectations

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