Concept Analysis – NR- 501Theoretical Basis Adv Nursing Discussion

Concept Analysis

Theory and concept analysis are powerful instruments which help in offering clarity for nursing practice. Theory and concept analysis are used vehicles to illustrate to other profession key components. There are seven steps involved in concept analysis. They include concept selection, establishment of the analysis purposes, identify all concept uses, attributes definition, identifying the concept of model case, identifying the concept consequence, and defining the concept of empirical references. The most important step among the identified steps is the first step that involves the selection of the concept of interest (Walker & Avant, 2010). This step is considered as the most important step because it acts as the beginning of the concept analysis. It gives a chance for other concept analysis stages to be evaluated. Selection of the concept determines the next problem to be analyzed and eventually resolved. It initiates the process of analysis and thus, it act as the most important stage of analysis. All other steps can only be implemented after defining the first step. The selection of the topic to be analyzed is very important since it determine the nursing problem to be solved (Asselin, 2011). In this regard, it is important for the analyzer to select the topic keenly, to ensure that the most pressing issue in nursing has an opportunity to be address. Although all other stages are important in concept analysis, it is important to note that the first step is always important in defining of the problem and creating a path for the development of a suitable solution. Thus, attention should be given while selecting the topic since it will determine how effective the analysis process will be based on the solved problem (Parker & Smith, 2010).

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