Concepts of Self-Esteem and its Relationship to Bullying – Discussion

Chapter 10 discusses the myriad of social and personality issues children between the ages of 6 and 12 may experience. One of those issues or topics of interest is the development of self-esteem. This week, we will be examining the concepts of self-esteem and its relationship to bullying. Please concentrate on the following question below this week.

  • Describe the importance of self-esteem and status during the middle childhood period. How can we help children develop a strong sense of self during this stage?
  • Also, how can we prevent bullying among young children during this age group?
  • Is it really possible to stop bullying in school systems? If so, how do schools deal with children who are the actual bullies themselves?

Include any research or additional insights in your posting. You may share your own experiences with being bullied, or being a bully at one time, and how you dealt with this issue.

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