Concepts In Trend Forecasting Trend Notebook

Trends impacting fashion and style

In the current world of fashions and design, it is difficult to ignore the influence that the internet and technology has on the above mentioned factors. The influence of the social media is so great and it influences the current trends of fashion across the globe. For instance, what the internet celebrities and the bloggers do wear on a daily basis may at times turn out to be the best trending fashions in the market. They therefore have a way of influencing the trends within their hemispheres. Apart from that, there are also ecommerce websites that also play a role in determining the current fashion trends in the markets.  Such websites have been known to greatly influence the fashion that most young people adopt at certain time frames. As a matter of fact, most of the bloggers who have in the past set the trends in dressing styles got a chance to earn a lot of recognition in the industry.

Whatever fashion that trends at a given time is normally introduced to the market mostly through the internet/ social media platforms. Such introduction of the trending set pieces does take place glob ally since the whole world is currently connected to the social media network. Once a given product is introduced through the internet, it talks a very short period for it to be recognized across the world within a very short period. For instance, a number of bloggers and online marketers normally use platforms such as face book, twitter and instagram to showcase various luxurious travel destinations. There are those who also use such platforms to showcase the trending foods, recipe, accessory pieces as well as other gorgeous fashion. The current trend right now especially among women is that the get of their beauty tips from the YouTube. When they log in to the YouTube sites, they get the videos that show them how to do their beauty through step by step. Such tutorials have in the past proven to be quite resourceful since it helps women learn the tricks and the very finer details of beauty. A number of fashion sites are currently being used by both men and women to share their ideas and perceptions about beauty, outfit ideas, styling techniques and nail art. It is through the use of social media that we are able to become more style-savvy through the creation of a stylish wardrobe. Additionally, social media act as the platform that enables us to express our fashion freely without the fear of being intimidated. Finally, it offers the platform for individuals to identify with their own fashion style. The use of technology has been beneficial for various companies that previously had to spend large chunks of money in order to get their products advertised through the mainstream media. In the current era, it becomes easy for such organizations to advertise their products through the use of social media services without necessarily incurring any cost.

The fashion industry has been one of the many industries that have greatly benefited from the use of social media services over the past few years. The industry has been able to grow bigger than it has ever done before. The merger between fashion and social media has been one of the greatest conglomerates to have ever been formed. The use of social media by a number of designers has been seen to be a powerful tool because it has enabled entrepreneurs to get more exposure. A good example is the manner in which many designers use platform such as twitter where they conduct live tweeting sessions when they are showcasing their products. It is through such platforms that they are able to get a number of retweets from their fans that help them (designers) to hype the products.

Twitter also enables fashionistas across the globe to have a look at what has been happening and trending for the entire week. The fashion fraternity across the globe created a live tweeting insight the whole of last year and that alone kept most of the fashion lovers informed. Most of the fashionistas were able to keep up with the latest fashions in the market through the use of hash tags. In most cases, the hash tags enabled people to be able to know the latest fashion designs and looks that took place on the runway. Such information can get down to those who follow the hash tags just few seconds after their debut. A good example is the efforts that were put in by the London fashion week that enabled the fashion lovers to gain exposure through the live tweets. There were also other entrepreneurs such as Toni and Guy, TopShop and Burberry who gave their fans a tip of what they had for them in store through the use of live tweets.

One of the most notable effects of the use of technology has been on the production capacity of most designers. Most of the clothing lines and accessories are greatly affected by the trends that take place within the textile industry. In most cases, the use of technology results in a lot of creativity and innovations of the young entrepreneurs. Gone are the days when the entrepreneurs used to carry out their business through manual process of designing, gathering information and finally distributing their products. Currently, most of the companies that deal with the manufacture of such accessories such as bags, shoes and clothes do engage in automated services. One thing that must be appreciated is the amount of cost reduction that comes with the automation services that take place within such industries. Moreover, such services have enabled the speed-up of production processes as well as the speed of getting connected to the suppliers and vendors.  This pattern has enabled the entrepreneurs to be in a position to create a smooth flow of information between them and their suppliers. Moreover, it has created a way in which a lot of information is shared and exchanged with the customers so that their (customer) needs and demands are met in good time.

Technology is becoming more and more of automated, thereby enabling the designing and discovery of new fabric to be an easy task for the entrepreneurs. Additionally, the pace at which entrepreneurs have been able to discover new styles and designs over the past few years have been terrific. For instance, there have been a lot of changes observed within areas such as textile printing and creation of synthetic fibers. Additionally, there has been a lot advancement made in the area of coming with new form of clothes such as the fire retardant garments as well as the sweat-wicking garments. These as well as other concepts are what are currently shaping the fashion industry through the turnaround of the fashion designs.

Trends impacting media and entertainment

Media and entertainment industry is one area that has over the years been quite predictable when it comes to obtaining recipe for success. The industry was also marred with a number of streams for generating revenues as well as having very few distribution channels and exploitation windows. The situation has changed since then because companies in the current industry only need to be innovative and also create a lot of efficiency. It is also important that the companies should create new ways of embracing different approaches from those that were used by entrepreneurs in the previous years. Apart from that, the players must be able to come up with content that attract customers from all age sets.  In general, media players should be able to come up with new strategies and operating models so that they are capable of addressing several imperatives within their industries.

One of the factors that currently impacts on the media industry is the cost structure that is adopted by the various media players. I the current world, a good majority of the consumer time and their spending are mostly shifting towards the digital platform. The only problem with the move from the analog to digital world is that the companies are doing enough towards such a migration process. Since the whole world is making that shift, there is a need for the media companies to significantly reduce the cost of airing their contents for their various viewers’ targets. One of the ways in which the costs could be reduced is through the cut down on the number of editors for the various media companies. Additionally, they will be required to reduce the number of content editors while at the same time sourcing for external contributors. Apart from that, the media fraternity will be required to display high quality levels of content productions through the use of technology. Additionally, they will be able to cut down on the costs through attacking through the creation of a centralized system, outsourcing as well as portfolio rationalization.

Another factor that will be affecting the media industry is the level of accountability, relevance and the interactivity that will be created by the various media companies. The tradition of companies using paid media as a form of getting advertisement airtime is long gone. Currently, there is a lot of pressure for the advertisers to use the digital platforms for them to advertise for their products. Apart from that, they also use database marketing as another way of getting down to their customers. There are those who also use event marketing strategies as a way of getting down to their customers. Other advertisers also use placed-based media and loyalty programs to reach their target audiences. This shift in the advertisement media does demand that the media companies change their area of focus to innovation and the return on investment as their major source of solutions to their current woes. The change in the trends also creates opportunities for the media fraternity to be able to build on their businesses within certain lead generation and marketing services.

Content value and distribution is also another factor that does affects the media and entertainment industry a great deal. Most of the media companies have come to realize that a good majority of their customers do not only get satisfaction through either the print or video media. Most of the customers derive their satisfaction from more than the above factors because the consumers are actively participating in the struggle for control and interactivity. The companies therefore have an enormous challenge of trying to build and inventory in a number of areas. The digital toolkit should be able to focus on both the targeted and the tagged sites that draw a lot of interest from the consumers.

The current media companies should stop operating the same way their counterparts did several years ago where the only aim was to impress the viewers. The current companies should instead focus on trying to build long-lasting relationships with their customers and marketers. There are certain strategies such as the use of high quality content and applications that can be used by the media houses in order to stay ahead of the pack. Such strategies apply for both the analog and the digital media companies. A good example is a situation where the media companies use their marketing strategies to drive their consumers towards the stores for more contents. The consumers can also be driven to theaters, or even other screens and other areas where they can get alternative desirable actions.

Another trend that is currently impacting on the media and entertainment industry is the level of innovations made around a given product in the market as well as the user experience derived from the same. It is high time most media companies developed quality products that are not easily obtainable within the markets. Moreover, the level of the user satisfaction should be a priority for them since that is what will separate from the rest in the pack. It will also be important for the companies to learn the importance of them developing endless relationships with their customers across various distribution channels. Since the consumers taste keeps on changing, the companies should consider putting mobile video at the disposal of their customers.

As the media industry transforms, companies should focus on new opportunities—but not at the expense of their current models. Media businesses must balance cutting off existing revenue by getting too far ahead of the curve while, at the same time, not falling so far behind that they forfeit their leadership positions.

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