Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships (Synopsis) and Job-Order Costing (Reflection)

For the first 2 pages —- Post a 500 word synopsis on the topic “Job-Order Costing” that is related to this week’s readings in the textbook. Please use three sources as references. Your review should be similar to a “literature review lite” which covers the topic is some detail, but not fully, due to the constraints in time and also in word limitation. Should be submitted to the plagiarism software link & the rating must be under 20% in order to post to the Forum discussion. The grading of this word synopsis should be as follows: Well developed ideas. Introduced new ideas/perspective. Supported idea(s) with new example(s). Post includes at least three secondary resources to support response. (class textbook does not qualify as secondary resource). Clearly addresses key issues, problems and questions. May include unique insight. Free of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Proper format and meets APA requirements. Please see attached pages from IMG_20140907_0001 to IMG_20140902_0019; Advantages & Disadvantages of Job-Order Costing (Google); Job Order Costing (Pro-Quest)

For the third page – In the reflection forum, 200 words or more, please comment on the topic coverage this week that was interest you most. What interested me most is “Cost-Volume-Profit Relationships.”. It will help in expanding business operations. Please see attached IMG_20140907_0020 to IMG_20140902_0033; Cost Volume Profit Analysis (Pro-Quest); Cost Volume Profit Analyis (Google); Please use three sources & should meet APA requirements.

Please see also the attached requirements, IMG_20140902_001A Forum Grading

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