Counseling Group Descriptive Narrative – Sample Paper

Part 1: Descriptive Narrative


A counseling group offers an effective treatment for clients. In addition, it provides therapists with a rewarding experience. Counseling groups involves the formation of two groups. The first group comprises of clients whereas the second group comprises of therapists. Prior to the formation of the group, it is vital to screen the clients for suitability. The next step is preparing them for the possibility of group therapy. It is vital for the group counseling to have the necessary resources that would support the program or group. Preparation of the two groups by the therapist is necessary to ensure the success of the counseling group. Informing fellow therapists on the objectives and processes of the counseling group helps in increasing referrals. In addition, it ensures that the counseling group operates without external interference.

The counseling group would comprise of school going adolescents who have discipline problems. The adolescents are more likely to have problems to integrate effectively into the society in future. Therefore, it is vital to use a counseling group to help them correct their behavior. Use of group counseling would help in correcting their behavior, which would go a long way towards reducing conflicts between the adolescents and their parents, teachers, and other students. The group is an efficient, cost effective, and time efficient method of reaching the target group. It would also reach large number of students (Crespi, 2009).

The counseling group would help in correcting the behavior of adolescents before their behavior deteriorates more. Deterioration of their behavior may make them have brushes with the law in future. In addition, it may pose a significant threat on the ability of the adolescents to become active members of the community. Therefore, correcting the behavior of the adolescents may help in reducing the burden they place on the criminal justice system since it reduces their probability of engaging in delinquent behavior. It would also reduce the probability of the adolescents to commit crimes in their adulthood.

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