Critical thinking – Using Essentials and Emotional Intelligence

Broad and critical thinking is very essential in the nursing fields. Nursing colleges normally focus on providing empowerment and education to inspire diverse professionals in healthcare who advance the health of nations, communities, families and people. This is basically done to advance the healthcare professionals’ ability to apply critical thinking in their daily operations (AACN Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing, n.d.). Critical thinking motivates interdependent and independent decision making. It comprises of interpretation, questioning, synthesis, analysis, creativity, deductive and inductive reasoning, application, and intuition. It involves the utilization of emotional and essential intelligence in nursing operations (Castledine, 2010). The best example of using these emotional and essential intelligence in nursing is when trying to save the life of patients involved in fatal accident in the emergency room.

A nurse working in an emergency room could demonstrate emotional intelligence by being there for the patient while they need nursing attention. A nurse should recognize these patients that need urgent attention even when they cannot manage to make any sign or sound that would demonstrate so. Emotional intelligence can also be demonstrated when a nurse manages to separate a patient from his or her relative and give them an assurance that the patient is in the safe hands without causing commotion or causing any doubt. This implies that, a high level of emotional intelligence is demonstrated when nurses sees the urgency in each case and pay their attention to each case based on the urgency. The ability to control visitors and to sustain a calm environment in an emergency room where both patients and families or friends are under a high level of physical or psychological distress is one of the greatest way that nurses can use their emotional intelligence (Castledine, 2010).


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