Cultural and Cross Cultural Psychology Analysis

Prepare a 1,050- to 1,250-word paper in which you analyze cross cultural psychology. As a part of your analysis, be sure to address the following items: ·

  • Define cultural and cross-cultural psychology.·
  •  Analyze the relationship between cultural and cross-cultural psychology. When you are analyzing the relationship between two concepts be sure to talk about how the two things influence or impact each other, do not just define each concept and discuss their similarities and differences·
  • Discuss the role of critical thinking in cross-cultural psychology.·
  • Discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research.



Cross cultural psychology is important aspect since it gives the psychologists a chance to complement the cross cultural psychology so that they have a deep understanding of the same. Cross cultural psychology is an important part of psychology because it helps in clarification of matters related to culture. Moreover, it helps in the clarification of matters related to psychology and all matters that relate to it. Often, cultural and cross cultural psychology has been confused by the scholars. However, according to Triandis (2000), the difference between the two comes in place in when trying to compare their functionalities. Cross cultural psychology in most cases deals with the static aspects of a culture. On the other hand, cross cultural psychology tries to deal with the cultural dynamics that in most cases differentiates between the two. Methodology between the two is also another factor that should be considered when making the comparisons. For instance, cross cultural psychology deals with the comparisons of cultures between two or more different communities as well as other variables.

The primary goal of cross-cultural psychology is to try and identify any similarities or differences that do exist in such cultures and their psychological functioning. On the other hand, cultural psychology majorly tries to understand how the human mind as well and culture work together within a certain given socio-cultural context.  Over the years, the cross cultural psychologists have placed an emphasis on the importance of epic descriptions that help in complementing certain variables. This paper will work to provide a case study of the Chinese psychology. For instance, it is a common aspect to find that the Chinese people practice what is called collective society form of psychology. This has been one of the areas that most psychologists have worked so hard to explore through their various methodologies.

In this case study, the two psychologists by the name Kuczynski and Goh (2009) went down to conduct a research on how the Chinese parents are changing in their parenting roles. The two psychologists were trying to find out how the current Chinese parents are trying to be more centered on the children. The consequences of such moves have been that the children have been more demanding thereby making their parents take extra time in trying to carry out their parenthood duties. The children have also become quite assertive as opposed to how they were during the previous periods.

The two psychologists have also worked extremely hard to try and know how the single child policy have been working for the Chinese parents. There have been beliefs in the recent past that the single child policies are what contribute to the parents spoiling their children. The psychologists therefore had to put in efforts to try and establish the truth behind such matters. There are those people who believe that parents who have a number of children cannot spoil their kids because they have so much to think of rather than focusing all their attention on a single kid. A lot of things have changed in the recent past because of the introduction of the one child policy. For instance, the economic value of children that was seen before have recently been replaced by the parental emotional and psychological affection (Goh and Kuczynski, 2009). One of the effects of having just one child is also that the children are able to demand and get all the parental attention that they need as opposed to children brought up in very large families. The children get to be emotionally connected to their parents thereby making the relation between the two to intensify as days go by. Moreover, the child’s relational resources are increased through the close relation between the child and the parents. Such relational resources can easily be exploited in order to ensure that the child’s relational resources and goals in life are easily achieved.

The researchers in this case obtained their data from the family members who were closely related to the children. For instance, some of the data that they collected were for the level of obedience that the children displayed towards their parents. The authors wanted to know among the adults, the children were able to show more respect than the other. The behavioral compliance of the children was also put into test as well as the possible private rejection that the children could have faced. Additionally, the research tried to find out if the relationship between the children and other adults had any effect in offsetting the influence that others would have.

Chinese psychology has been an interesting area of study for a number of psychologists since they are always sure of getting additional cultural changes than what has been studied before. Moreover, psychologists are always sure of getting additional cultural pressures of what generates and results in individualism in China. For instance, Yan (2010), in his work, he documented on how the Chinese have experienced a decline in the mass rallies, volunteer work as well as collective parties. Additionally, he exploited on the fast declining rates of the social safety net as well as the job guarantee as well as housing for all Chinese. The individualization of the social policies has resulted in the formation of a population where everyone only cares about themselves.

The society values have changed in the recent years with most trying to live a life where they do not care whether their neighbors get jobs or not. The level of individualism has gotten to a stage where the members of the society only think about their well being and not about the society as a totality. The individualism that has cropped up in the current society has had an effect on a number of areas such as getting a job especially for the youths and the middle aged in the society. Moreover, it has also resulted in difficulties of getting houses because no one cares about helping others in doing so. The worst part is that it has even become quite difficult for people to get spouses in the current societies due to the high levels of individualism. A good example is the case of the athletes who used to get their training allowances paid by the Chinese sports federation. As a result of that, the training rules were entirely set by that federation. Additionally, the federation used to arrange for the travel expenses as well as keep the monetary winnings of such athletes for the better prosperity of those athletes. The policies however changed recently and the federation opted to have a policy where the athletes keep up to 88% of their earnings.

Apart from that, the athletes are also allowed to hire their own coaches whom they wish to have and also they have the freedom to train on their own as they wish to do within their own time frames.  Finally, the athletes are allowed to make their own arrangements on the international trips that they intend to make on international visits and competitions. That whole change in the athletes’ policy does change everything in terms of collective sense of the personhood. The policy changes the thinking perspective from the collective society way of thinking to the individualism form of thinking. According to Yan (2010), he believes that the change in the perspective of the Chinese people should be viewed as a reflex action taken by the Chinese people. The author believes that the action is all aimed at making china become a modernized society. It is not china that faces such problems but also the Western Europe society that was pushed towards the same individualism perspective. The author believes that globalization is one of the factors that made the Chinese and Western Europe society to shift into individualization kind of perspective.

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