Current Day Employee Relations Analysis, Discussion And Trends – Coca Cola And Pepsi

Employee Relations Analysis

Coca-Cola acknowledges the fact that each employees a unique talent to the company. As such, the company strives to ensure that it caters for the welfare of its employees. Employees of the company as brand ambassadors of the Coca-Cola. Therefore, Coca-Cola ensures that it employees are happy by treating them fairly. This is one of the major factors that resulted in the success of the company over the last decades. Coca-Cola encourages open communication with its employees. This is critical to the success of the company since it operates in a diverse market. The company strives to ensure that it inspires its employees to enable them have superior results. Encouraging open communication enables Coca-Cola to solicit and leverage innovative ideas from its employees. Employees played a critical role in the development of Coca-Cola’s mission, values, and objectives. Coca-Cola also has one of the best compensation packages available in the market currently.

The company offers its employees various developmental opportunities. These include the Coca-Cola university, which is a learning program to the high performing employees of the company. The company has a Peak Performance System that enables it to determine its high performing employees. This enables it to create an effective movement and succession plan in various parts of the globe. Pepsi also ensures that it treats its employees fairly. The company has various initiatives that help in improving the welfare of its employees. The company provides its employees with learning and developmental opportunities. This improves the employee motivation, which is critical in improving their productivity. This is one of the major factors that have helped in improving the competitiveness of the company over the last few decades (Shimp & Andrews, 2013).

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