Dealing with difficult customers

Dealing with difficult customers

Resisting something that is perceived to be unjust.
Locate a case study that richly illustrates a person, or a group of people,
resisting something they perceive to be unjust.  You might write on a case of
political resistance, such as a protest movement, or a grass-roots political
movement.  Or a case of humanitarian advocacy or action.

In the course of presenting your case study, you should address such questions as:
What is the particular individual or group resisting, and why?  In other words, what does the individual or group perceive as unjust and worthy of change?  How is

resistance expressed in your case study? Why does the individual or group in your case study engage in this particular form of action/expression, as opposed to others?

What does the individual both gain and lose by engaging in the given behavior?  Do you believe this is an effective way (or the most effective way) to resist power in

this case?  Why (or why not)?


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