Developing a Wireless Network Design Plan – Assignment Instructions

You will play the role of a wireless network consultant working for an organization of your choice. You have helped the organization determine that it is cost effective and beneficial to install a wireless network in their office building. The company would like to provide a wireless network that allows each employee with a laptop to be able to connect wirelessly to their network anywhere within the building. The next step is to present the organization with a plan that outlines how you intend to design their wireless network.

Develop a wireless network design plan for one building of at least 500 square feet of office space. Use the Internet to find a “free” office diagram to use with this lab. Your plan should cover the following:

  • Deployment Scenario:
    • Determine the correct deployment scenario for your network. Show your devices on your building diagram. You may use Paint or other program to draw in your devices or feel free to use clipart.
    • Provide reasoning for the deployment scenario you selected.
    • Identify the hardware components your wireless network will utilize.
    • Justify why you will use each component in your network.
    • Provide a rough cost estimate.
  • IEEE Wireless Network Type:
    • You have identified that an 802.11n LAN will be implemented.
  • Access Point Management
  • Location of Wireless Devices
  • Wireless Security Policy

DOES NOT HAVE TO BE EXTRAVAGANT! JUST NEED BASIC, FAST, & SIMPLE WORK! When submitting your work, make sure you include your diagram with your write-up.

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