Different Perceptions of Self-Efficacy Among Counseling Students

What is Self-efficacy?

Self-efficacy can be described as the self beliefs that an individual holds in response to difficult situations that he or she gets himself into. The ability of an individual to get solutions to his or her problems due to his abilities to tackle the problems without fear is what constitutes self-efficacy (Bandura, 1977).

Roles of self-efficacy

Almost everyone has a goal that they desire to achieve in life, either in the short term or in the long run. There are also those people who normally have the desire to change certain things either in their lives or in the society in which they will live. All the above mentioned factors do need time and proper planning using strategies that can enable the person achieve them. However, most people normally fail to realize that it is difficult to have such planning that can enable them achieve their goals successfully.   It is at that point that self-efficacy is used in the achievement of such predicted and desired goals in life.

Self efficacy plays an important role in life because it determines how problems or life problems are tackled and eventually solved. Additionally, it also determines how deep the interest of people goes in response to the problems that face them. Apart from that, those who have life problems also get the necessary interest required in solving their problems. The interest then would double up to increase the commitments that individuals would have in trying to find solutions to their problems. Moreover, those who embrace self efficacy can never keep mourning or be broken down by the disappointments that they face in their daily lives. The reason why they cannot be disappointed is because they are always able to make quick recoveries from the disappointments and setbacks that they face in life. On the contrary, those who have a weak sense of self efficacy normally try to avoid the challenges, thereby ending up not being able to find solutions to their problems. Additionally, such people normally have the belief that the difficult situations are not within their capabilities of solving them. They always tend to think that the difficult situations can only be solved by other people who are maybe better placed in the society. In short, such people are said to suffer from self inferiority.  There are a number of ways through which one can acquire self efficacy and one of them is through the mastery experience. Whenever one passes through a challenge or problem in life, how they solve such problems determine how their confidence turn out to be in the future. Apart from that, social modeling is also another way through which self efficacy can be adopted. One can have self confidence just by watching how other people in the society solve their problems. They (witnesses) can then use the same procedure to tackle their problems in the future.

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