Discussion – Health Care Information Systems

Health Care Information Systems

Technological advancements have led to the development of a health care information system. a healthcare information system should align with the overall strategic goals of healthcare organization. It should help in improving the efficiency of the healthcare facility and quality of services it offers it patients. These are the primary goals of any healthcare facility. Failure to implement a healthcare information system would increase the inefficiencies of the healthcare facility. It may also make it difficult for an organization to manage its data. Failure to manage data would make difficult for healthcare providers to make informed decisions which would compromise the quality of care they offer their patients (Catalino, 2010).

Meditech is one of the most popular healthcare information systems used on the U.S. it helps in improving patient safety, streamlining the processes within the healthcare organization, and communication across healthcare teams. Meditech enables healthcare facilities to react quickly to any issues. Users of the health care information system simply have to relay the information to the relevant information in an appropriate manner. Meditech enables users to access updated information. This enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions. This helps in improving the quality of care. The ability to add additional tools to Meditech as the need arises is one of the most important benefits of Meditech. It ensures that hospitals have the necessary tools to improve their efficiency. In addition, continuous addition of new tools ensures that the information system does not lead to its obsolescence. The ability to add new tools helps in the customization of the information system to the needs of the healthcare facility. Therefore, a healthcare facility should ensure that it uses Meditech as its information system (Catalino, 2010).



Catalino, J. (2010). Software Solutions Can Trim Rising Costs. Health Management Technology, March, 10-11.


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