Dominican Republic Migration To The U.S.

In a 15 page paper, please discuss the following migration issues from Dominican Republic.

Purpose and characteristics of migration – Please describe the characteristics of migration to the US from this country. How many people migrate? How old are they usually and what sex? Why do they migrate here and what do they do when they arrive?
You should be able to provide accurate and up to date statistics on legal migration and discuss the extent of undocumented migration believed to exist.

How migration from this country is typically viewed in the US – Discuss common perceptions of legal and undocumented migration from this country referencing research on perceptions and also recent news articles on the topic.

Literature Review – What are the common reasons for migration? In other words, what are the push and pull factors for migrating? Once in the US, how do migrants typically sustain themselves? What is their interaction with the criminal justice system?

Policy Frameworks – What policy frameworks have been put in place by the United States as well as the country of origin to regulate both legal and undocumented migration? What have been the effects of these frameworks?

Experience of Migration – Describe the experience of migration for those migrating from your country of choice. How does migration affect their day-to-day lives in the US? How does it affect their own lives or those of their families in their country of origin?

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