E-Commerce Essay – Starting A Business Online

Explain why or why you would not sell your Domain name and cite the ethical dilemmas involved.

Amazing outfitters Limited Company is fashion store situated along the New Jersey Boardwalk. Recently, someone offered to purchase Amazing outfitter’s Domain name for $1000.00. Even though the company’swebsite just came into existence, it has gained remarkable popularity and customers associate the Domain name with the company’s goods and services. A good Domain name represents the business and attracts customers to the business regardless of the period it has been in existence. The Domain name is a part of the company’s brand and it draws prospective clients to the company’swebsite that is vigilantly designed to boost sales (Treese& Stewart, 2003). The first step in deciding whether to sell the Domain name would be to determine its value.  Domain valuation process can be challenging especially for anyone who does not have the knowhow and experience. An easy way to get a Domain name valuation would be to contract a URL brokeror by using similarDomain sales, which can be found from Domain sale websites under the Domain Sales History section (Turban &Gehrke, 2000). After a careful evaluation, I decided to turn down the offer. Selling theDomain name is likely to impact the business undesirably. More and more customers are now using the business webpage to purchase the company’s products and thus selling the Domain name would decrease sales. Additionally, the mount offered is not sufficient to compensate for all resources invested into marketing the Domain name and making it credible.

How acatalog display, shopping cart capabilities, and transaction processing could benefit your business.

Catalog display

Catalog is the major way businesses communicate product information to their patrons, both existing and prospective ones. A catalog’s main goal is to boost sales. For any catalogue to fulfill its intended purpose, it must be handy and accessible to the customers(Treese& Stewart, 2003). Although appearance does not play a major role in achievement of this goal well presented catalogues tend to grab and maintain the audience’s attention more easily than blunt, plain looking ones(Kimball & Ross, 2011). An effectively designed catalogue is like having a shop displayinviting potential customers to learn more and purchase your products from the comfort of their homes.

Shopping Cart Capabilities

These are a string of scripts that keep track of products that customers select from the website with the intention of purchasingafore they proceed to the checkout. Shopping cart software helps ensure that information required is available to ensure that transactions run in an orderly and smooth manner. A well-designed shopping cart can automatically generate URLs that are rich keyword hence improving the company website’s Search Engine Optimization making the website rank highly on search engines (Kimball & Ross, 2011). Additionally, shopping carts offer additional functions such as inventory tracking, wish list, back-end marketing, coupons, and user reviews. All these functions play a significant role in increasing sales.


Transaction processing

These are software programs meant for supporting transaction-oriented functions on the Internet.A transaction package is an encrypted server thattransmits financial transactions to the banks (Kimball & Ross, 2011). This package helps verifybuyer information and protects. This feature helps protect customer’s information thus preventing fraud or/and identity theft, which could led to legal suits and increase the company’s expenses. Identity theft is also reflects badly on the victim company hence damaging its reputation and reducing sales(Treese& Stewart, 2003).

How to create an effective presence on the Web

The most basic step of creating online presence is creating a company’s website. However, structuring a robust Web presence involvesdiverging beyond the company’s website to reach new audiences and ensure that new customers discover your business. Amazing outfitters already has established online presence through a company’s website which it uses as an online shop and also has a blogging section where the company interacts with its customers(Treese& Stewart, 2003). To strengthen the company’s online presence, I will create social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and LinkedIn. I will also post high quality fashion and design related content on the social media pages often to keep them captivated. Social media will offer me a platform where I can interact with my customers on a personal level, answer their questions and address their concerns hence building trust, which will win customer loyalty. I will also start a YouTube channel where I will be posting fashion industry relevant content. This will give me an opportunity to feature the company’s products in the videos for free, which will market them and increase sales.

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