Economic Systems: A Research Project

A final project for the course requires that students select and critically evaluate a research topic based on the concepts covered in any module (or modules) of the course. This topic should include but not be limited to specific issues about economic systems currently or recently (within three years) covered in the news media.


Students should use and cite at least five credible published sources to support their positions, arguments and analyses in addition to citing at least one discussion of economic system theory in the textbook. At least three of the sources should be written by economists in academic journals, and at least two of the sources should present arguments or perspectives that differ from or oppose each other. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find these sources.


The completed project will include the following elements:


  • Description of the current state of economic condition of your selected country or region, based on at least a couple of credible sources, which can be news or scholarly. ( Thailand is the country to be used)
  • Examination of the historical evolution of the economic system of your selected country or region–how it originated and came to its current status, what are or were the issues and obstacles encountered in the transition.
  • Discussion of the implications of the system change in your selected country or region on the standard of living, well-being of its citizens and competitiveness of its enterprises in a global economy.
  • Evaluation of the economic performance of your selected country with countries in similar economic systems, identifying both similarities and differences between your country and those being compared to it.
  • Summation of your findings, including at least two policy recommendations for future improvements.

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