EDC 1400 Assignment 1 Curriculum and Pedagogy Exploration

Part A Exploring Curriculum and Pedagogy

Complete the following short answer questions:

  1. Explain your context, sector and current level of experience and provide the name of the curriculum framework (and its weblink) most relevant to your context (approx. 50 words – 1 mark).
  2. Referring to a visual or verbal metaphor how would you define curriculum in your context to a parent or another adult? (approx. 150 words – 3 marks)
  3. What would you consider to be the key components of the curriculum framework currently most relevant to your context and their relationship to curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and reporting? (approx.400 words – 8 marks)
  4. Drawing on references how would you explain the concept of pedagogy to a community member with little understanding of the education sector? (VET students may explain the concept of andragogy and its relationship to pedagogy) (approx. 150 words – 3 marks)
  5. Consider the following:
    Within the group of learners that you are working with there is one learner who has a visual impairment, another who finds it very difficult to sit still and listen, and another who has irregular attendance. (Please decide for yourself and then explain the reason for this lack of regular attendance – it could be related to family, illness, travel, lack of commitment etc.)


Pedagogically how could the needs of these learners be catered for and what impact might these considerations have on curriculum delivery? (approx. 500 words –10 marks) (The answers should be written in third person. A minimum of 10 references should be included to support points made throughout your answers to questions 2, 3, 4 & 5. Consider mark weighting to determine where most references are required.) (Total 25 marks in Part A)

Part B Historical and contemporary policy influences

Create a PPT consisting of 6 – 8 slides naming 5 or 6 major landmark documents or legislative policies within the last 20 years that have significantly impacted on the current curriculum framework most applicable to your context. Use dot points to explain the reasons why you have chosen the particular examples provided. Consider the social, political, economic, cultural, global, and work related considerations that have contributed to these landmark moments. (When creating the PowerPoint keep the following in mind – keep it simple (summarise points made), be concise, a timeline could be useful, PPT font size should be around 24 – reference where needed.) (10 marks – 8 for content and 2 for presentation)

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