Effectiveness Of The Use Of Information Systems In Organizations



The impacts of business information systems are great and are seen in the day-to-day running of a business. The various technological advancements have brought about an overhaul on how activities are conducted in organizations (Gregor and Hevner, 2013). More organizations than ever before are adopting technological innovations in their businesses. As a result, there is the need for a more concrete and progressive approach that will provide for more information on the effectiveness of the business information systems in different organizations.

Problem Statement

The use of information systems has not been very fruitful to some organizations. Some of the information systems have not benefited the company and have contributed greatly to the inefficiencies in the organizations especially the change management that occurs when organizations change from using traditional methods of work processes to the advanced use or technology in doing the various functions at the workplace. Some information systems when properly designed provide great assistance in meeting the goals and objectives set by an organization.

Benefits to the Industry

Many companies may rush to incorporate information systems because they have seen better performances among their competitors or they needed a system that will help them carry out activities in a speedy manner. The benefits of studying the effectiveness of business information systems will help business to understand the basic steps of how to utilize and set the IS at their workplace. The business will be able to have first-hand information on how to adopt the most efficient information system and how to manage it regarding the implementation of the systems and the needs of the end users who are the employees of the organizations. Other benefits include proper planning due to the learning from the failures of others and ensuring an increased propensity in securing the organizational data since most information kept on information system if not properly secured can be accessed by the wrong people and used maliciously against the organizations.


The study aims to find out the effectiveness of the use of information systems and come up with various measures that will help in dealing with the problems that are on the rise in organizations concerning inefficient information systems. The study will thus aim to find out the commonality of the problems related to the use of business information systems throughout business fraternity.


  • To find out the effectiveness of the use of the various business information systems in organizations
  • To determine the success of various information systems about the organizations that uses them
  • To find out from the study the need to use information systems among businesses
  • To find out the ergonomics regarding the end user and he or she responds to the incorporation of information systems in the organization.

Scope of the project

The project will take a period of six months and will study various organizations and institutions of learning that use the information systems and how effective they have been to meet the goals of the organizations. The study will include three institutions of learning and ten business organizations using information systems.  The project’s period will be six months, the various activities of collecting data from the organizations, and further information from information systems experts will be done in the first three months. The other remaining months will be for drafting the final report on the effective of the use of information systems.

Deliverables and Potential risks

The deliverables of the research project will be training, development of the skills among workers evaluating how they effectively use the information systems. The potential risks of the project are the lack of honesty in the organizations and lack of cooperation among the participating organizations. Also delays in the collection of data that are not propagated by the researcher. The collection of data on the information may take a long time than expected. Other risks include the safety and health risks while in the field.

Work Plan

The work plan will consist of three months of collecting information from the various organizations and the other three months will be used for analyzing and preparing a complete report about the projects results.

The Gantt chart has all the activities that will be undertaken while the projecting is being carried out. The first activities will include data collection in the field followed by data analysis in the first three months. The next three months will involve the data analysis and the drafting of the report to its completion and presentations.

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