Emergency Policy Making Process Research Paper

Plainsville Colorado Annex

The purpose of this emergency operations plan is to enable the state of Plainsville Colorado in collaboration with the community members to be able to respond positively to emergencies. In this case, the emergency will mostly rise from those caused by the derailment of the rail system or a spill of the chemicals transported during such times. Such responses will be executed with the primary purpose being the rescue and execution of measures that ensures the safety of the community members. The EOP will be promulgated by the mayor in collaboration with other government agencies. They will all have a responsibility of ensuring that this EOP is integrated into their efforts so that all procedures go through the correct testing procedures.

Phase 1: Readiness and Preparedness

Readiness means that the town council of Colorado will be in a position to respond effectively to emergencies in the event that they occur at any time. For instance, if there is a rail derailment within the town, then the response should come in handy in real time. For that to happen effectively, it means that the teams responsible for such moves should be trained effectively. Plans for such trainings should always be carried out in advance and executed properly for the procedures to bear fruit.  It will therefore be the responsibility of the leadership of the town council to ensure that the teams can be able to execute their duties effectively as required. Preparedness means that the teams should be able to respond effectively before, and even after the occurrence of the emergency.

Phase 2: Activation and Relocation

This phase will include the activation of all the processes and the plans required for the continuation of all the essential functions of the team. It will be necessary for the council to be in a position to maintain all the records and the database of all the town council. Activation may include procedures such as receiving information about a real threat to the community within real time. The leadership of the mayor should therefore demonstrate its capability of handling such threats in a competitive manner. In the event that those affected needs to be evacuated, then the council in collaboration with the agencies will be responsible for doing that. Relocating the affected from one place to another will require advance good planning skills so that such moves are executed with minimal mistakes.

There is a big possibility that the chemical being transported through the rail line has massive negative effects on the surrounding environment as well as the livestock that exist in that region (Spraggins, 2010). For instance, there is a chance that chemical spills off during transportation and it negatively affect the growth of the natural grass and food that the animals rely on for their survival. Such a case may be considered to detrimental to both the animals and the humanity that cohabit in such an environment.

Apart from that, the railway may also be able to have experienced such massive destruction through other related weather disruptions. One of the weather hazards that could have resulted in the destruction of the rail system is the massive heat waves that are experienced between the two regions of Plainsville and South town (Branscomb, 2010). Similarly, the destruction of the rail line could be attributed to the old age of the same. The rail has been in existence for a very long period, since time immemorial. As had been mentioned, the system was first laid during the 1800s and that alone could be a factor to consider in the commissions discussions.

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