Emotional Intelligence and Effective Leadership – PowerPoint Presentation

Concept of emotional intelligence

  • Emotional intelligence can be explained in simple terms as having the ability to understand and manage relations with others by understanding their emotions. Anyone who cannot take the emotion of others into consideration does not have an emotional intelligence.
  • Before understanding others, one also has to understand his or her own emotions and know how to handle it while relating with others. For instance if a person gets annoyed by a certain matter, he should know how to control that anger so that he or she does transfer it to the next person who has nothing to do with what annoys him.
  • Another example is a case where a staff mate comes to work being so moody and he or she stays that way the whole day. It needs emotional intelligence to be able to deal with such a person, otherwise the two parties might end up creating conflicts.

Emotional Quotient

  • Emotional quotient is a measure that is used to determine the ability of an individual to monitor his or her emotions. Emotional quotient is also used to determine if an individual has the capability of dealing with stressful scenarios where there is a lot of pressure. In short, the measure is used to know the level of ones intelligence when handling different scenarios.
  • A person who has a low EQ will in most cases fail to work appropriately when they are under pressure. Additionally, their abilities to resolve conflicts are normally very low. Moreover, such personalities normally have poor responses when it comes to dealing with challenges.

Why leaders need emotional intelligence

  • Technological advancements have been a factor that is closely linked with developments in the twenty first century. Moreover, the advancements in technology have resulted in massive changes within organizations.
  • Global competition has also risen as a result of the developments in technology. The nature of workforce that managers look for in this century has also changed. The current generation of managers look for innovative and creative individuals that can value to the organizations.
  • The technological advancements have forced the managers to broaden their minds and think in a different way. Managers in this generation have to incorporate and strategize how the use of technology can plays to the advantage of their companies over those of their rivals.

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