Enterprise Security Policy Plan

Based on your Week 1 proposal, prepare an organizational enterprise security policy plan for the organization that you discussed in the proposal.

A resource to assist you : http://csrc.nist.gov/publications/PubsSPs.html

  1. Your plan should be five to seven pages long excluding the title page, abstract, table of content, and references pages
  2. Make sure organizational confidential information or relevant organizational identification is not reveled in your paper (you may substitute the organization name with a fictitious name)
  3. Use APA Style  follow the guidelines for APA Style in the Library or www.apastyle.org


Your plan should include the following:

  •  IT security attack and defense
  • Security auditing principles
  • Identification of a security auditor’s chief duties
  • Assessment of network risk factors, security auditing and discovery processes
  • Planning of an audit
  • Installation and configuration of network-based and host-based discovery software
  • Penetration strategies and methods listing potential attacks
  • Establishing baseline for user activities
  • Conducting log analysis
  • Implementing audits for various activities
  • Planning improvements to compliance to a security
  • Planning and development of security policies for the protection of security assets that need to be protected in a typical organization, including the roles of management and the information security department
  • Other areas of information security and privacy currently defined by local, state or federal regulatory bodies

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