Entities In A Club or Organization – Relational Database Concepts And Applications

I am a member of the home science club. This club deals with quite a number of things including sanitation, fashion and design and the largest part of its involvement is in catering. For this part. I am going to look at the catering department in the club, the entities involved and their relationship.

A data entity is a representation of the subject data from a common data model which is used in the logical data model(Hjertstrom, Nystrom, & Sjodin, 2009). In this discussion, there are four entities which we will have a look at. These include; the kitchen, the supplier, the customer and the manager. The Kitchen is the area where the food is supposed to be ordered from by the customer. The supplier is the person or a company which has been given the tender or the mandate to supply the club with several kitchen hardware together with the foodstuff that are needed, the manager is the person responsible for keeping the records, ordering and monitoring the supplies from the supplier.

Based on the below diagram, it is clear that the customer can place an order. The Order Food Process then receives the order where it forwards it to the kitchen and stores the data in the Order data store. The updated inventory details are stored in the Inventory Data Store. In this process, the Bill is also sent to the customer. The Manager then receives a report through the Generate Reports Process which also takes Inventory details and also orders as inputs from the inventory and the order data store respectively. The manager can as well initiate the Order Inventory Process by providing the Inventory order. This process thus forwards the inventory order to the supplier and then stores the updated Inventory details in the Inventory data store.

Below is the Enterprise Data Model (EDM) which is in use by this club:

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