Environmental Audit And Eco-compliance Recommendations

Pre-audit stage


The eco-compliance of the Xavier Hotel through the Green Key Eco-Rating Program, that is, a rating system designed towards recognition of the hotel facilities which are committed to improving their fiscal and environmental performance. Basing on the results of this comprehensive environmental audit, the hotel is awarded a 1-10 Green Key rating and provided with guidance on the methods to reduce operating costs and environmental impacts by means of reduced utility consumption, supply chain management and employee training.

Audit stage

The scope of audit

This environmental audit report of the Xavier Hotel has been conducted in a clear idea of the goals and objectives of this assessment activity. The steps and procedures have been focused and all-encompassing audit methods incorporated to give the best of results.

The activities of the Xavier Hotel environmental auditing took the form of on-site audit which was systematic and well-defined through protocols and checklists. A review of the records and documents on the environmental standards and policies stipulated was in-depth carried out (Harrison 89).

There was site inspection and structured interviews carried in facilitation of the auditing process.

The Xavier Hotel audit consisted of numerous Multi-choice-style questions categorized into the five sections below:

  • Waste Management
  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Conference and Meeting facilities
  • Corporate Environmental Management
  • Engineering
  • Housekeeping

Post-Audit stage

Outcome of the Audits

This audit aimed at creating and facilitate the comprehension of the varied levels of eco-compliance of the hotel through best practices and principles (Cahill et al. 176). The auditing formulated a system of rating designed for the hotel to prove a commitment towards sustainable business model, by ensuring management of their impact on nature, cultures and local communities, and reinvesting local economic, natural and cultural resources and people whist at the same time offering the highest service level and the most pure experience and authentic experiences within the hospitality sector.

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