Ethics Argument – Sparky

Assignment Instructions

Here is the question you must riddle: WHAT are the best reasons why not to nuke Sparky?

You should not put Sparky in the microwave because . . .

  1.  It is unethical to torture a defenseless puppy for personal amusement.
  2. Sparky belongs to me.

Pick both of these scenarios and argue over these both points in a essay format. But start with abstract. And sparky is the puppy in this case.

DIRECTIONS: ” Argue for them using FACTS — do research and in MLA-formatted essay with works cited support your position.


  • MLA heading-style and documentation with annotations and work cited
  • Size-12 Times New Roman Font
  • Two sources –
    • The textbook, Taking Sides: Moral Issues// S. Satris, ed., MacGraw-Hill, 9th Ed., 2003 // ISBN 0072845112 with at least two quotes to back your ideas up ( you may use so other source – online or text – if you find it more suitable), and
    • one source of your choice on emotion or logic – two quotes
  • Begin with abstract: In a text box after heading before the text, list your main theme, then the two main supports for your thematic pondering. After this, flesh the essay out in a typical essay form
  • minimum 1000 words

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