Factors that Contributed to the Settlement and Development of American West


The Cincinnati’s most important trade connection within the nearby (but upriver) Pittsburgh but instead lay about 1500 miles south along the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers at the great port of the New Orleans. There was settlement and development of American West economy due to trade as most efficient route to the market remained along waterways and the access to the New Orleans.

The rapid population growth and geographical expansion.

The population increases as there was continuous influx of slaves. As deduced by Hammond (2007), this resulted to some levels of conflict as the Native Americas in the west resisted the intrusion of Americans and thus fought renewed wars in the 19th Century. In addition, the expansion of the plantation slavery farther along the coastal southeast resulted to huge numbers of slaves were moved forcefully to the new territories. Though, there was enormous human costs, a good number of white Americans perceived western expansion as a great opportunity. According to them, having access to the western land granted the promise of prosperity and independence.


The loss of the bison and the growth of white settlement considerably affected the lives of the Native Americans who were living in the West.According to Bowles (2007), there erupted conflicts as the American Indians, though having victories occasionally, appeared doomed to defeat due to the huge numbers of the settlers and the U.S. government (Santa, 2007). By the period 1880’s, a good number of the American Indians had been restricted to reservations, probably in areas of the West that seemed less attractive to the white settlers.

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